Guest Blog – The Real Sydney – Keeping it fashionable, fearless, furious & real

She is quite a lady this one who calls herself  The Real Sydney.

The topics that she covers in  The Real Sydney Blog include:

Beauty Fashion Books Celebrities Craziness Fashion Friends Life Love Media Real World Relationships Sex Soapbox TV and Movies

She describes herself on her blog header as: Authentic. Honest. Original. Amazing.

I agree wholeheartedly with her description and would add the following adjectives to the mix: fabulous, fascinating, fashion-forward and fearless

If you are looking for something to read there is always something new and fabulous on The Real Sydney Blog. My favourite blog posts this week include:

Stanley Tucci is HOT!

She is absolutely 100% right. With bells on. My husband and I were just discussing how hot Stanley is after watching him in the film Julie & Julia and at the Oscars. Actually, I  have had more than a bit of a Stanley Tucci crush since Murder One which also featured the thinking woman’s man candy Daniel Benzali.

Other posts that I have thoroughly enjoyed are:

What it’s like to be ‘The Other Woman’ (A mistress’ tale which was most fitting in the light of the Observer article  Is Anyone Faithful Anymore? published last Sunday, 7 March 2010.

Disaster Porn & The Media on our morbid fascination with tragedy. Is it schadenfreude, voyeurism or an attempt to actually feel something that drives us to wallow in the horrors of Haiti and the like?

There is a great balance of light and shade, serious and effervescent in her writing. Visit once and you will be visiting daily to read more. I do.


The Killer Wedges

In the early 90’s I was in my early 20’s and newly separated, my baby daughter was ensconced at my parents home every second Saturday night, so that I could have some all important me time.

What did I do with that me time?  I got dressed in my hottest hot pants, my shortest crop top and my chunkiest platforms and went dancing all night in my favourite gay club DCM (Don’t Cry Mama) on Oxford St in Sydney.  Back in the very early 90’s DCM was still a gay club, full of drag queens and transvestites and OTT gay boys – I loved it – it was a far cry from my normal life in the burbs with my baby – it was my escape.

I found the Killer Wedges in a shop called Scooter, they were AU$25.00 – probably one of my greatest bargains, to this day.  I wore them ALL THE TIME, with shorts, skirts and leather pants – they made my legs look a mile long and they were funky to the power of wicked!

It wasn’t long before more and more flamboyant straight people started to find this little piece of inner city amazingness, soon DCM was full of body builders, and models, and dancers, and beautiful everyday people dressed in outfits made from PVC, leather, sequins, feathers and shiny shiny lycra (not a typo, the lyrcra was very shiny) – it was all completely delicious and infectious!

The deep house beats, the skin, and the DJ way up high waiting to be praised – it was all about the look and the music.  It was during these years that I met Brett (RIP) and we spent many nights there together – it wasn’t uncommon for us to wear matching outfits, him in leather pants, me in leather hot pants and matching colour tops – we both even had short cropped platinum blonde hair! (I know, I know – but it was very cool in the 90’s in that scene – you’ll have to trust me on that).

DCM became a Sydney sub culture of it’s own and the glory days lasted about 5 years before it became quite mainstream & gangster – eventually there was quite a bit of violence and even a couple of shootings there … so most of us moved on to different lives, those days were over, a new darker presence had moved in – there were no more feathers and sequins. And even though I left that time in my life behind me, I always kept the Killer Wedges.

Funnily enough, that baby daughter that I left with my parents every second Saturday night, now has friends that go to DCM, it’s not the same now though, it may even have a different name.  She won’t go there – who wants to say “yeah my mum used to come here 15 years ago!” – to her, it’s just an old school club.

In 2007 some of my gay friends convinced (threatened) me to go to Sleaze Ball with them (Sleaze Ball is the main annual fundraising event for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade and Festival alongside the Mardi Gras Party).  Back in the 90’s I went to every single Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball party,  but I hadn’t been for a long time, so after I agreed (through force) to go, I found a hot little jump suit and I pulled out the killer wedges!!  It was so much fun, but I gotta tell ya, the Killer Wedges weren’t nearly as comfortable as I remembered them to be and after 8 hours of dancing and walking around, people watching – my feet were not very happy with me!

I will never part with my Killer Wedges & who knows, they may still get to go out again one day … actually, next time I go to an amazing gay party, I’m gonna wear them – rock on Killer Wedges!

One thought on “Guest Blog – The Real Sydney – Keeping it fashionable, fearless, furious & real

  1. Those really are awesome killer wedges. They have served you well through thick and thin and you are wise to hold on to them even if your feet tell you they have moved on.
    Your daughter might scoff at the mere idea of DCM, but I’ll wager she’s actually very proud to have a mum who can dress up in hot pants and killer wedges and party!

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