Day 58 of the Shoe Challenge – Good Door Kicking Boots

Are you sure that you want me to take a picture of those boots?” asked my husband.

Black Faith Brand Platform Ankle Boots

These are the boots in question.

No they are not pretty and they were a bit of a challenge to walk in. The heels are 5 inches high and the sole has a one inch platform.

For a moment this morning after I put them on I contemplated wearing a pair of ballet flats to work and carrying the boots in my bag. However, I decided that that would be cheating and that I should forge ahead regardless of the consequences. I haven’t done a blog post from hospital yet after all.

It was really hard to run down hill after the Minx in these boots. It was really hard walking on grass in these boots. In fact, it was hard work doing anything in these boots for about half an hour after I put them on.  Then I slowed down, took some deep breaths, then walked slowly and deliberately and stopped thinking about how nice it would be to kick the bloody things off and walk barefoot.

That is the whole high heel ethos in a nutshell – forget about walking naturally, just get into the shoes rhythm and enjoy the ride.

My good friend, fabulous fashionista and fellow shoe-gal @CherylAnneNY recently wrote an excellent blog post on Extreme Footwear for the Fashion Segment of Martin Smith’s Mannamaker blog. I was particularly interested in her observations on Oliver Theyskens’ amputated heels shoes below:

While some of the shoes sported a spindly heel in the back, it was for show only and came nowhere near providing stability (or even touching the ground for that matter). Gaudily decorated in glitter and satin and shine, these heelless shoes are sculptural, strong, architectural. Amazingly, no models fell on the runway. Apparently they are weighted heavily in the front and provide counter-balance. However, they require that one walk on her toes the entire time without leaning forward or backward. Those of us for whom grace and balance is an issue, proceed with caution.

Here is a picture of one of Theysken’s models floating down the catwalk in his impossible shoes:

No one would ever accuse these shoes of being pretty. That is not the point. The point that Theyskens is making is that wearing high heels *is* unnatural. This is the reason that he produced a shoe design that skates the edge between something that impossible to walk in and something that changes the wearer’s perspective on mobility.

The advice in CherylAnneNY’s post stood me in good stead today. I found myself spreading my toes wide inside the (thankfully) rounded toe which increased the surface area of my foot on the ground and pushed my weight forward.  It was quite easy to walk after that. I didn’t face plant, fall on my arse or roll on my ankle once and I was feeling quietly triumphant as a result when I got home.

Those are really ugly boots” said my husband when I got in giving me a conciliatory hug.

I was miffed and offended. When did my husband turn into my dad?

To be fair though my dad wouldn’t actually have called them ugly boots – he would have called them “good boots for kicking in doors“.

Quite fitting for a lawyer to wear door kicking boots though, don’t you think?

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