Guest Blog Post – Emlykd’s Interview Shoes

Although I have never met her, there is a mischieviousness, vibrancy, generosity and warmth in @emlykd’s written Twitter communications that drew me to her. She introduces me to a quite a lot of funky people so she does, so I am not the only Emly fan out there. Her words have a kind of whirlwind energy around them that sucks me in every time I read her Emlykd the Strange blog posts.

This girl is going to be delivering babies one day soon. I cannot wait to read all about it.


Today I went for an interview. I hate interviews but they are the necessary evil to getting a job. Say what you like, but the interview is too much like a first date. It’s like I’m there saying: “here I am – judge me” based on what I look like on any given day.

You see, when one goes to a job interview one will have sent a resume along in front… so they know a little bit about you, yes! But the argument here is that on a resume, you only put your best foot forward (so to speak!) You are in control of what is being presented there.

I don’t know about you, but my resume only has good stuff on it. I don’t make a habit of mentioning on my resume the problems I have had in previous jobs. I don’t talk about the fact that I had a minor disagreement with my last boss. No, I am presenting myself as the best I can be. The most employable person. EVER! Really, isn’t that the whole REASON for the resume…? To grab attention and show them I. Am. The. Best!

Now, we have got past the resume. They like me on paper. And seriously, who wouldn’t? I have a way with words. I know this. I like writing. It allows me to get my thoughts out on ‘paper’ so to speak.

But the next point is the interview… it is a nerve-wracking experience. Being someone who takes pride in their appearance, I tend to take time to decide what I am going to wear to an interview. It feels like it is something I can control. I guess that’s the point. The whole scenario of a job interview is one where the notion of power is up for grabs really. If I play my cards right I can head on into that interview and I can feel on top of the world! I can feel like I am in charge. And I can take control of said interview.

So this is all about alluding to power… it is all about confidence. Don’t get me wrong, not arrogance but using your assets. It is about caring about your appearance. It is about being who you are, being proud of it.

I both love and loathe appearances. I love the fact that I can get dressed in the morning, and I can make myself feel better by what I’m wearing. Particularly, my shoes. Shoes can ruin any outfit, but they can also become the pillar from which an outfit is catapulted into fabulous. Wearing a pair of heels can help make your butt look good, your legs look good, and your confidence soars as a result.

A big part of appearance for me is shoes, clothing or accessories… And so this brings me to the shoes… The interview shoes… I have a pair of shoes which I usually wear to an interview. Basically because they have worked before… I wore them before and they worked for me… I felt good, I felt confident, cool, calm and collected. So apart from this re-assuring knowledge that they have served me in the past… I guess they are old-faithfuls really.. I think that making sure you feel good when you go into an interview is half the problem. And feeling good will happen with good shoes, good hair, good clothes…

The hardest part here is not convincing myself I can do the job because I know what I am capable of. The hardest part is convincing my potential employer that I am better than anyone… which I am, cos


12 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post – Emlykd’s Interview Shoes

  1. Great post Emlykd! And congratulations on the new job. I’d like to say it was the shoes, but nice though they are I suspect it was actually the fact that You. Were. The. Best…

  2. You know I love these shoes! And of course you got the job. You. Are. The. Best.
    Beautifully written, and like the owner of this blog, I’m a @emlykd fan! I’ll raise a glass to you’re new job, and your fabulous shoes. X

  3. Congrats on getting the job… I think you got it because you are gorgeous and a bit of fabulous. Not because of those shoes. WHICH I LOVE. I just bought some which look like yours but the peep toe is a little smaller.

    Love it lady. xxxx

  4. Brilliant post, Emily! Love it!

    I work in HR and I still feel the same about interviews. Trust me, it’s just as bad on the other side of the desk. I still get nervous, worried about representing a company and convincing a good person to come and work for us. And I still need great shoes to get me through it…

  5. Hey there! Congratulations on the job. 🙂

    And I really must shave my legs…. 😮

    Great shot and guest blog, well done!

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