Guest Blog Post: A Lawyer’s Shoe Gallery by Nomes Messenger

Before fellow lawyer Nomes Messenger and I met in real life (online courtesy of @kissability) we were tethered in leather by our mutual love of shoes. Since we met last December we have aided and abetted each other in various shoe purchases. She and I have both experienced the guilty pleasure of doubling our shoe collections in a lunatic Schuh sale shopping spree. My moment of lunacy was a 50% off 50% sale one January afternoon in Buchanan Street in Glasgow, 1994. Nomes’ crazy Schuh day happened about two weeks ago.


I made the leap from Smash Hits to The Face. Quite the leap, completely oblivious to Cosmo or Dolly, I went straight to the high end fashionista mag, cool beyond cool. I was thirteen.

Although I couldn’t afford or even afford to dream of affording the clothes and music therein, I fell in love with the bolshiness of Vivienne Westwood and this led me to Red or Dead shoes. Later I met and befriended Vicki Sheppard who was a stylist for UK style bible, The Face.  I always buy something from her store in Perth either Elroy CLothing or YoYo Buffalo which she owns and runs with her husband ex-The Clash rocker Nick Sheppard.

But before Vick set up, there was this store in Perth near the Cinemacity complex that was the only store that had any Westwood or Red or Dead shoes. I fell in love with these electric blue zip up patent shin boots, kinda like these Fly of London ones I now own,

Fly of London Boots

but I’d always dreamed of getting my hands on Red or Dead shoes. When I went to london, I couldn’t find them! But then I came upon Schuh and well, now I have four pairs.

With the Schuh connection made, a friendship with Caveat Calcei commenced in earnest. Now I must admit that I hate shopping and I hate shopping for shoes, but I can’t help myself with Schuh. First purchased was the pink pair, now, I pretty much only wear black, so wearing hot pink is a “wacky”. By the looks I get from others, hot pink is wacky regardless. When I wear these shoes, I get looks all the time.

Schuh Hot Pink Mary Janes

Then there was a sale, and I recently purchased these

and I’m yet to break them in, but in the space of 20 mins, I doubled the number of shoes I own….

8 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: A Lawyer’s Shoe Gallery by Nomes Messenger

  1. Wow! Gorgeous shoes. I’d kill for the hot pink ones with the fabulous buckle. And the boots. People with thick calves like me have a special appreciation for ankle and shin boots.

  2. Mary Janes are my dream shoes. I say dream shoes because shoe-stores and I have a volatile relationship. I would like to love them but unfortunately they hate me and my overly long, overly narrow feet. One day, I will find Mary Janes that are perfect and love me but it will take a while because every visit to a place that sells pretty shoes ends in a shattered ego. Now, I’ve relied on sneakers so long that if I wear any other shoes I feel like I’m ‘lying’, if that makes sense.

    The point of this comment is that I have never seen a pair of MJs more ideal than these ones. I would probably cry if I found them not in my size! 😥 the colour, the chunk, the buckle, the lack of angles, I love it all.

  3. R i also have narrow feet, but undersized for my height, this means that heels need to be well thought as i’m prone to losing balance becuase i don’t have enough surface area for my feet in flats let alone heels. the MJs are fabulous and no gaps. i also have long toes, so tend to suffer from toe cleavage, these are also perfect for them. also comes in black, go get addicted to Schuh…..

    Sandra, you sweetie 🙂

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