Day 41 of the Shoe Challenge – Who’s Afraid of the Prada Shoes?

What’s that? This blog post is late? Thank you so much for noticing.  It is not my fault though. Blame these shoes.

Sitting on the kitchen floor like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth they look perfectly approachable don’t they? Appearances are deceptive though, these shoes intimidate me.

My first glimpse of them was while flicking through UK Vogue at the hairdressers.  The editorial that month focussed on sculptural heels and I stopped and drooled at these and was thereafter in love.  That year in Frasers’ January sales, my heart soared when I saw them sitting there – 99 pounds down from 200.  I bought them for love without thinking about what I would wear them with. That is not unusual for me. What was unusual is what happened next.

Usually when I buy a pair of shoes I have a little strange shoe ceremony which involves unwrapping the shoes, pulling out the wee bits of tissue paper (Prada has a gorgeous navy tissue), sniffing the leather  and then trying to matchmake the new shoes to an outfit.   Nothing I could find worked with these shoes – not a skirt, not a dress nor a pair of trousers.  For some bizarre reason the arched aspect to the heel and the Miro-esque colour combinations of patent leather which seem so classic and simple have thwarted me.  Maybe they are just too classic for me and as such I have come to slightly fear them.

However, in the Shoe Challenge fashion I have vowed to wear  and write about all of my shoes no matter how difficult they are, no matter how scary they are.   So I picked the easy, coward’s way out and wore them with skinny black tuxedo pants and an asymmetric black and white semi-transparent chiffon top.  I dressed in black and white like a waitress albeit one in a fancy restaurant. Safe. Traditional. Boring.

It was only when we came to take the pictures for this post that we discovered the best way to present these shoes is …

…tout seul.

15 thoughts on “Day 41 of the Shoe Challenge – Who’s Afraid of the Prada Shoes?

  1. These photos are getting better and better. I don’t even go to Youporn any more.The shoes are quite nice too……….;-D

    • At heart of my shoe obsession is that I think that I hang out with cool shoes they will make me popular by association. You can take the girl out of the loneliest corner of the playground….

  2. My Mum called me today to ask why my Dad had “received” Part IV of my story when she, as yet, had not.

    I was a little confused for a moment, because she was correct.

    I had only emailed Part III… but somehow my Dad had already read and commented on Part IV.

    And then I had an epiphany.

    I think my Dad must like shoes.

    A lot.

    Dad, i better not catch you looking at anything on this blog – other than tasteful and fashionable shoes of course!

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