Day 40 of the Shoe Challenge – Jumping Sharks in Shelly’s Square Toed Shoes

Those of you who have been with me since I started writing this blog will recall how the Shoe Challenge began. The blame/credit can squarely be laid on my boss who bet me that I could not wear a different pair of shoes to work every day and write about it.

We were discussing the Shoe challenge over a wee dram on Burns Night.

What” someone asked “is going to happen when you run out of shoes to blog about?”  I came back with some quip about running out of storage space before I ran out of shoes.  There will come a time when I do run out of shoes to wear to work, although not for a wee while yet. The problem meantime is not so much running out of shoes but getting stale and boring you all.

What I have found challenging is to find new poses and places in which to photograph my shoes. These, for example, are a pair of Shellys’ high-heeled court shoes with square toes. (Shellys is a  funky mid-priced UK brand).  Perfectly decent shoes, but you have seen black high-heeled court shoes in this blog before, many times.

Tonight my good friend L. arrived at the door after disappearing off to Byron Bay without telling anyone first. For four days my husband and I had been beside ourselves with worry as we had been past her house, phoned and texted her repeatedly without any sign of life.  However, as she walked through the door, I was in absolutely no position to harangue her. The position that I was in is as shown below.

It not easy to tell someone off after they have caught you being photographed with your backside in the air.

My husband, bless him, is getting quite into photographing my shoes. What started off as me hanging my shoes off the lemon tree in the back garden has turned into a thrice weekly shoe modelling extravaganza. To bless him a second time, my husband is an artist and understands the importance of presentation.

So the pictures are getting saucier and the blog hit statistics are looking decidedly healthier but I am a wee bit concerned. It may be that in an attempt to keep this blog fresh dear Readers, that I am in danger of jumping the shark as the Not Drowning Mother has mentioned elsewhere .  One minute I am writing about shoes and the next thing posting pictures of myself with my arse skywards.

I am a great believer in following the ebbs and flows of life.  So the next someone asks me if I am going to give up blogging when out of shoes I am going to reply – Naaaaah! You aren’t getting rid of me that easily. I’ll start writing about handbags…

5 thoughts on “Day 40 of the Shoe Challenge – Jumping Sharks in Shelly’s Square Toed Shoes

    • Boots, NDM, we need boots. Preferably lace up & as high as possible for the purpose of pantomine thigh slapping. That way we can lead rousing refrains of “Look behind you” “Oh no you don’t” and similar tricks of the theatrical trade.

  1. Fear not dear CC, your writing is good enough that readers of my ilk will still come here to read your musings. { My ilk being that of an appreciator of a nice pair of legs, as you already are aware } ;-D

  2. Ms Lawandshoes, might I just say I *adored* that dress and shoes and may have waxed lyrical to @rperdio and @tristankenney about them when they asked me what you were like in person 🙂

    I definitely appreciate the saucier shots. You have a nice set of pins so don’t be afraid to exploit it, hehe.

    Oh yeah, the writing’s good as well… *wink*

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