Day 39 of the Shoe Challenge – What would Barbara Windsor do?

Dear Barbara Windsor

When I started writing this blog five months ago a wise woman told me to enjoy the writing and ignore the statistics.

It is impossible to ignore the statistics. When I look at my WordPress Dashboard I cannot help but notice the search terms used to find my blog are overwhelmingly Barbara Windsor-centric. Please see below:

  • The Number 1 Search Term used to find my blog is:  Barbara Windsor
  • The Number 8 Search Term used to find my blog is: Barbara Windsor breasts

More people have happened across my blog looking for you, Barbara than looking for stiletto heels. That must mean something.

Someone in Old Blighty told me this morning that you were looking rather ravishing on the National TV Awards last night (20 January 2010). I had a look. You were indeed quite ravishing although I did not get a good keek at your footwear.

You are quite a style inspiration to me (please see this blog post for further information). Today, as I contemplated getting dressed for another hot,  humid Sydney day I stopped and I thought and I wondered: “What would Barbara Windsor wear?

I thought that for a disgustingly hot day you would ignore the heat and go for the raunch. I also thought that you would temper the raunch with a pair of classic mules. I got these nude pumps in a Gary Castles sale. I am sure that you would approve.

One question remains, will you blog for me Barbara Windsor? You have a lifetime of shoe stories waiting to be told.


Caveat Calcei

5 thoughts on “Day 39 of the Shoe Challenge – What would Barbara Windsor do?

  1. Stuff the shoes (no offence, I detest slingbacks) what is happening north of your kneecaps? That skirt is divine!!! Although at second glance it could well be a glam nightgown…

    • Shoes are entirely a question of taste and I respect your slingback views – you will recall that I loathe white shoes. (By the way, I generally do not take offence at anything someone says until they preface it with ‘no offence’.) It could be a dress or a top or a nightgown. There are some things that I like to keep to myself.

  2. I’ve noticed more leg shots since I complimented you on your legs. I trust this will continue ? ;-P Sexy shoes, by the way………..

    • This blog continues not least because it has readers. If these readers are kind enough to send their suggestions & compliments it would be foolish and rude of me to ignore these. The leg shots will indeed continue.

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