Day 37 of the Shoe Challenge – Caged Ankle Boots

One thing that has always intrigued me is the male attitude towards the mini skirt. Before an interview for a seriously kick ass academic job I was having a coffee with a male friend.

“If I were you” he said, leaning towards me “I would wear a really short skirt for the interview. It will make  a positive impression on the interview panel”.

I looked at him with horror “But I have terrible legs and also, won’t they think that I am a complete slut if I turn up with a mini skirt?”  He thought for a moment “There is a risk” he said “That you might come across some women on the panel who will take a dim view of a short skirt but” he said pausing for emphaisis “it is well worth the risk if you get a couple of dirty old men on the panel”.

Dear readers, I ignored my friend’s advice and wore a knee length skirt. I lost that job to a young, extremely handsome gay man.  Perhaps the short skirt would therefore have made no difference whatsoever but I will never know.

Since that day I do wonder about skirt lengths and whether or not it is a bad idea to wear a very long skirt.   At the moment the maxi dress is popular again.  Maxi dresses literally cover a multitude of sins. Do they similarly cover up any vestige of allure that a women possesses?

My husband is firmly in the maxi skirt length camp – in his opinion the maxi dress is intriguing and divine. He tells me that (on me) what is hidden is more interesting than what is displayed constantly.  For many men, however, the display of vast amounts of leg flesh is extremely appealing.

Personally, I do love a long skirt. I find longer lengths regal and elegant and ladylike.  That said, you do have to match a long, long skirt with an appropriate shoe.  The caged ankle/gladiator style boots that are currently in vogue appear to be a good match.

This morning I was pleased to find that I found another maxi skirt fan – I was late for my train and the carriage doors had just closed.  The conductor however,  caught a glimpse of my ankles as I clattered down the station steps, and shouted “Hey darling, quick over here!” and opened the train doors just for me.

12 thoughts on “Day 37 of the Shoe Challenge – Caged Ankle Boots

  1. My goodness you are so, so chic. I dress my equally stunning mother in similar things (unfortunately minus the heels).

    Isn’t that funny about the male ‘leave something to the imagination’ appeal. My boyfriend finds nothing sexier than a well-fitting pair of jeans; and also adores my maxi-dresses. (He’d also prefer to see something backless than mini or transparent). A little cleavage, a little raise to show the calves, but otherwise sexy only because of what they hide. Refreshing fashion amidst a diet of raw, fake-tanned, silicone-enhanced uber-raunch.

    • Thanks for reminding me that I am the same age as your mum… Also, I have been looking back through some of the Betty Page era pin-up photos recently. No doubt these were extremeley raunchy at the time but there is an elegance & a joyfulness to the pictures which sadly does not come across in these days of flesh overkill.

  2. From this angle you got beautiful legs, I am not a fun of maxidress, do not look good on me, I got a job in the past wering a mini dress, (long time ago, when I still could wear a mini dress) and funny enough the men (my boss) that suggest me to get hired to the owner, was and he is gay, (great friend now)do not know how things work sometimes, it seems he did like my legs, he told me later, funny how thing work, love ooxx

    • Clearly the display of leg flesh has less to do with sexual attraction than exposure. According to the friend mentioned in the post, the aesthetics of the leg in question are irrelevant. Maybe there is some pre-historic need to ensure that female workers actually have legs for the purposes of walking to get coffee for co-workers or something similar? Who knows. I would love to have a male person (gay or straight) give us a bit more of an explanation.

  3. Ok. A bloke’s view. Apart from cleavage, which goes without saying !, a nice pair of legs is a very attractive thing/things ? Firm thighs, shapely calves and ankles are a definite turn on. Tennis player Elena Dementieva is a case in point. The best legs in tennis. May I have the temerity to say, you have the nicest legs of any lawyer I’ve ever met ? 😀

  4. I am a Mini lover, although not the bum freezer type. A couple of cms above the knee is nice, however knobbly knees are not. I have dealt with a few lawyers, mostly men, and some of them had quite nice legs… 😉

  5. Three posts – all fantastic and still loving the shoes- these ones, plus maxi dress performed a Sydney miracle – I have never heard of such a thing! A door, being opened, on a train!!!
    Hmm…I may have to go clothes shopping as well – have a good excuse too – am pretty sure that the box that contains all the clothes I usually wear got lost in the move…and I kinda like maxi dresses 🙂 I love the elegance of long skirts…sigh…and I badly need some new shoes…
    Incidentally – love your Grandmothers black mules – stunning.

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