Shoe Muse – Neutral Pumps – Friday 15 January 2010

As you will have gathered, I am an incredibly nosey person particularly when it comes to shoes. I am very curious about how, where, when and why other people buy shoes. Most people buy shoes for comfort, functionality occasionally to make an impression or an outfit sparkle with life.  When I buy shoes it is usually for love. For inveterate shoe collectors the shoe transcends being a mere accessory, it becomes an objet petit. At some later stage an outfit may or may later be based around our object of desire, but it is not the reason for buying the shoe in the first place.  This is probably why (prior to the Shoe Challenge) many of the shoes that I buy were worn so seldom – the right occasions did not arise for them to make an outing.

So when people ask me my views on which shoes to wear with which outfit, I am flattered but perplexed.  Many of you may find this odd but I find that I have much more luck buying clothes to match shoes than vice versa.  Also, I am probably not as well dressed as you think I am since most of my life is spent in yoga pants and singlet tops.  Being a lawyer, I would always seek to get a second expert opinion on a major shoe decision. There are some experts out there who who have generously invited me into their shoe purchase problem solving strategies.   One such person is the delightful Liceri. She has kindly offered to divulge her style secrets to you in the first of hopefully many future shoe masterclasses/workshops. I loved her neutral, patent leather platform pumps. If you have a pair of these and a pair of black pumps you will have covered pretty much the basic must-haves of any shoe collection. These are exquisite.


Hello, readers of this blog. My name is Erica. You may also know me as @liceri on Twitter, or as Erica in real life, or as Erica in an alternate dimension. I enjoy eating, drinking, and swanning about Melbourne pretending to be wealthy (I’m not). I drink far too much red wine and have an unhealthy obsession with cheese, sparkling Shiraz and sunbaking.

The event was a family friends’ 21st at The Point in Albert Park. The dress code was cocktail, and I was in no mood to go shopping for a new dress, so I pulled out one of my favourite pieces – a cream Thurley number purchased for the 2008 Caulfield Cup (incidentally it cost me almost a week’s salary at the time, and this 21st is only the third time I’ve worn it). I fell in love with the dress when I spotted it all those moons ago. Cream silk, and the top panel is ever-so-slightly quilted, has intricate cut outs, and is covered with pearls and bronze studs.

I went without my mandatory diet of wine and cheese for a few weeks to be able to afford her, and she’s been totally worth it. Being a 5′ 2″ size 12-14 girl, it’s not always easy to find a dress that works, but as soon as I put this one on, my girlfriends and the shop assistants yelled “THAT’S IT!” – decision made. And so began my love affair with this dress.

When I wore it to Caulfield, I wore tan leather heels with three straps across my instep, and carried a matching tan leather clutch. I’ve also worn it with creamy/nude heels, incidentally made from vegetable leather (please don’t confuse me for a vegan – I’m quite the opposite). But on the day of the 21st, I was out with my darling mother and I spotted these impossibly high, nude patent leather, platform stilettos with stitching detail. They’re on the pink side of nude, really, and very close to my skin colour, giving the effect of very long legs. They were subdued enough to wear with a dress that had as much detail as this one.

The clincher was that they were on sale. And, to my surprise, I wore them all night. (Actually, I’m not going to lie – I sneakily took them off once or twice while I was sitting down, and I changed into metallic sandals to walk to get a cab home – but on the whole, they stayed on). I carried a metallic clutch purchased for $4 from an op shop which always gets plenty of compliments, pearl drop earrings, and my outfit was complete.

2 thoughts on “Shoe Muse – Neutral Pumps – Friday 15 January 2010

  1. Gorgeous!!!!

    I’ve always longingly tried on “nude” heels, only to find they clash with my olive skin and give a rather baby-pink hue to my tootsies. But I won’t give up… I have similar creamy-coloured dresses that need this treatment.

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