Guest Shoe Poem by @snarkattack



The earth lives in your soles.

Unlike my pansy feet,

you can potter around barefoot on stone-encrusted concrete

and feel


Which one of us is tougher?

The love of my life

marvelled at the softness of my big toe.

A failed feminine,

I clop around in baby-soft feet

that form blisters

as soon as they even think

the words ‘high heels’.


For those who love words, there is even more exquisite stuff to be read here:

Grace Notes @Snarkattack

2 thoughts on “Guest Shoe Poem by @snarkattack

  1. *blush* thanks Kathleen (and of course the lovely CC for posting).

    It’s also autobiographical: my feet will complain after very little time in heels, because I wear them so infrequently.

    I admire you all who wear heels so well, truly.

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