Day 36 of the Shoe Challenge – The Return of the Ubiquitous Black Pump

Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago how many pairs of shoes I own.  The honest answer is that I have no idea, none whatsoever.  We have a garage full of boxes which may, or may not, contain several pairs of my favourite footwear including a pair of thigh length Jack Sparrow pirate boots (aaaarrrrrr) and some red patent leather 80s stilettoes.  We have got five boxes full of vinyl albums on top of the aforesaid boxes.  Vinyl is quite heavy in aggregate and so determining the total number of shoes in this house might take some time.
One thing is clear, I have an inordinate number of black shoes in general and black pumps in particular.  At some stage in my life I must have read that one cannot have too many pairs of high heeled black pumps. I fear that this might not be true. While black shoes are eminently versatile, like the little black dress, it is very easy to find yourself in the twilight world of wannabe try-hard sophistication.  Think Jennifer Anniston on the red carpet replicating the same look – shiny straight hair, simple black cocktail dress and black pumps again and again and again.
That said,  it is fair to say that a pair of black high heeled pumps per season in the current heel height and sole width, not strappy, not too trendy is definitely a good shoe investment. Perhaps my surfeit of black pumps is down to the fact that  I have been collecting shoes for over 20 years now. Sadly some of them, like the shoes that I have on today, have only been worn a handful of times. I should hire shoe walkers to take some of them out for a wee jaunt now and again.
My search continues for a black pump with the impact of the heels worn by Amanda Lear on the cover of the Roxy Music album, For Your Pleasure.

Therefore for a black pump to attract me, it has to offer me something a wee bit different,  a bit in your face, edgy, dramatic. If a black pump wants me to buy it, it should also  have a quirk or slight visual flaw in the styling. Perfection is boring and non-descript in a shoe . So for me, these Bertie black kid leather pumps are pretty good value visually. The shoe shape is what would best be called a demi d’Orsay style; that is the vamp is cut down to the toe box on the medial side of the foot (a full d’Orsay pump would reveal the arch of the instep as well).  The 4 inch heels are a bit on the low side but the slightly odd heel shapre redeems them. The heels present as flat, wide oblongs at the back with a slimmer, slightly inward curved profile to the side. Best of all, they have a snubbed toe which is the  shoe equivalent of a turned up nose for me.  I have never managed to find anything quite like them in the shops or my favourite shoe literature since. If anyone can find a match for them, please do let me know.

8 thoughts on “Day 36 of the Shoe Challenge – The Return of the Ubiquitous Black Pump

  1. It sounds like I have as much perfume, as you have shoes!

    I have a pair of pumps just like these. I love them, but can only wear them around the office, as they’re always flipping off my feet. I agree, if they’re black – I have many too – there must be something special about them.

    • Ooo – perfume and shoes. What a combination. Welcome to Law and Shoes. Monsieur D Orsay was a bit slack on the shoe-flipping-off-feet thing. I think that that may in fact have been part of the charm for the male observer rather than the wearer.

      • Oh yes, shoes and perfume help complete the outfit. Of course, you really can’t leave the house without shoes (depending on what you’re wearing), but I feel that way about perfume too. I’ve missed the odd train going back to grab some, if for some odd reason I’ve forgotten to wear it!

        Yes, that part which is cut out makes them a touch harder to wear, but oh so much prettier to look at.

      • Oooooh, hard to answer as there are many I like, I do tend to like deeper, smooth and something slightly spicy, with sandalwood, amber and vanilla and gourmands with dark chocolate, but I also love florals, especially gardenia and light florals. And when in the mood, even some marshmallow or cotton candy… If I start to list the scents I may not finish this reply… 😀

      • Citrus and uncomplicated florals are my favourites. For some reason I have never managed to wear anything sandalwoody (sad because Mitsouko is divine). My personal off the shelf faves at the moment (in no particular order) are: Eau Dynamisante, Chanel No 5 (parfum only, the dilutions smell terrible), Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien and Nahéma by Guerlain. I used to really love Ombre Rose although that would probably curdle on my skin these days. I am looking for a nice wee oriental though, any recommendations?

      • A lovely selection of scents you’re wearing at the moment! I have a few favourites to mention and an oriental recommendation in my mind somewhere, but after the hideous day that was today, I will go away for a short while to ponder them 🙂

  2. Hello again 🙂 So hard to come up with the scents, I get so indecisive as I love so many but trying to think what you might like too from the scents you mentioned 😀 Some of these might not be fully classified as orientals but kind of close… I love Calvin Klein Secret Obsession and Bvlgari Jasmin Noir, both soft and smooth, I often wear them together, one on each arm. From Mecca in Myer you could try Noir Epices by Frederic Malle, it has a touch of sandalwood but not heavy on it, mainly pepper, rose, dark orange, spiced sort of vanilla but not vanillary. Can be heavy but good in small doses. The SAs at Frederic Malle seem to know what they’re talking about too, so could help you with other scents in their line. Also Serge Lutens Chergui, I love this: honey, iris musk, amber, rose and sandalwood. Smoky sweet. Again there is some sandalwood but I think it’s quite light, always worth a test. Feminite des Bois, Arabie and Ambre Sultan could be worth checking out too. Also, I’m in love with the new Alberta Ferretti, a woody musky floral… am going to buy it as soon as the price comes down online! L’Artisan have some lovely ones too, Safran Troublant, Ambre Extreme… okay, I’ll hush now. 🙂

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