Day 33 of the Shoe Challenge – Tango Shoes & TMI?

In most of the posts in this blog, you will not see much of me.  When I started to write it was very important for me to distance what I wrote here from my professional life.  Who on earth would want to employ a lawyer who writes obsessively about shoes? Through time more and more of the people reading this blog have become friends.  It appears on the balance that none of you are stalkers and if you are odd you are no odder than I am. So the time has come, dear readers, to tell you a wee bit more about myself.

1.  My hair started going grey when I was 15 years old- it is about 80% grey now.

Both my mother and father were prematurely white haired by the time that they were 50.  To deal with this genetic legacy  I have to visit the hairdresser every three weeks. Sometimes I dream of going platinum gorgeously and gracefully in the manner of EmmyLou Harris:

So I asked my technically gifted friend @calrion to help me transmogrify myself into EmmyLou.

The results were not encouraging –

Image by @calrion (

The hair colour looks excellent – the face is not quite there yet… o.O However, the lure of liberation from hair dye is quite strong so you may see me going silver this year and/or get a tattoo (but that is another story).

Wow, it feels kind of good getting things out in the open at long last.  Are you scared yet? If not, here are some other things that you might not know about me.

2.  I love martial arts movies

Just about anything featuring either Bruce Lee and/or Cynthia Rothrock rocks my boat. Despite my love of these movies I have proven myself to be completely crap at any form of martial art that I have tried (which includes fencing, karate, Tae Kwando, Tae Bo and Kickboxing). The reason for this is outlined below.

3. I have reason to believe that I may be legally blind.

My prescription is one that makes my optician involuntarily do a lemon sucking face. (- 8.0 in one eye and – 7.5 in the other with astigmatism). This makes buying glasses really expensive and most contact sports a  bad idea. Without my glasses I am as dangerous as a de-clawed cat.

4.  One of my all time TV favourite programs ever is Come Dancing.

Come Dancing was a BBC TV ballroom dancing competition show that ran on and off from 1949 to 1998. Not that I ever got a chance to watch it – nobody ever let me. So much was the extent of my besottedness that I actually signed up for ballroom dancing classes about 12 years ago.  My husband refused to come with me on the grounds that he could dance already (he is quite a fab dancer actually having learned to dance in primary school). There is a downside to ballroom dancing classes – there are 4 women to every spare bloke. The end result was an undignified, flirtatious scramble  at the start of each class to entice one of the 4 free men (usually in their 80s) to dance with me. (Helpful Hint for Single Blokes: Sign up for dance classes to meet women).

5. One of my favourite ballroom dances is the Argentine Tango

The tango a dance expressing life’s dark and undisclosed side.  According to Susan August Brown the word “tango“:

may be straightforwardly African in origin, meaning “closed place” or “reserved ground.” Or it may derive from Portuguese (and from the Latin verb tanguere, to touch) and was picked up by Africans on the slave ships. Whatever its origin, the word “tango” acquired the standard meaning of the place where African slaves and free blacks gathered to dance.

In other words, the origin of the tango is the celebration of liberation. This clip from the 1998 film Tango kind of sums up why I love it.  The tango is about sensing the space around a person rather than seeing it, for someone like me with terrible eyesight that is enormously liberating.

So in addition to my other uninvited and possibly unwelcome disclosures here are my shoes of the day – my tango shoes…

18 thoughts on “Day 33 of the Shoe Challenge – Tango Shoes & TMI?

  1. It seems we are very much alike, and not just because we share genes.

    While I was able to hold it off longer than Fiona or Donald, I have had to take a very harsh stand against grey hairs over the last 15 years or so. Thank goodness my husband has become skilled at applying hair color. He’s honestly very good at full head application or root touch up. This is great news, since it costs nearly a months rent to step into a salon in NYC and have this done. (that last statement was a bit of an exaggeration, but just a bit).

    I can honestly say that martial arts movies are not my cup of tea. I am a sucker for old Hollywood musicals. Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell….

    Which leads me to the next similarity. Ballroom dancing. You may know already, but for one of my Christmas gifts last year, Chris got us private dance lessons at Fred Astaire Studios here in Manhattan. We dutifully attended our lessons for the next year, and managed to “graduate” into Certified Bronze Level. Yup, we can now cut a rug in waltz, rhumba, mambo, viennese waltz, foxtrot, tango, AND Argentine Tango! I have to say, the Argentine Tango is by far our favorite. It’s very liberating, especially when compared to the rigid rules of waltz. I have always wanted to learn how to dance. Ever since I was in my early teens, and we would attend parties where there was dancing, and I would watch my mom and dad dance around the room to Glenn Miller, I’ve wanted to learn how. Up ’til now, the only man I could ever dance with was my dad. He knew how to lead, and how to get you to follow. I never understood how important that was, until Chris had to train himself to lead, and I had to train myself to follow. Now that we’re both comfortable with the dances, there is really no feeling more freeing than moving around the room, without a thought in my head but enjoying the music and my husband.

    I can’t say I’m interested in going grey anytime soon, but I can tell you that I have 8 tattoos. They all mean something, and I love them all. I have 5 on my back, which all pertain to my parents. I have 1 on my stomach, which I got on tour. I have 1 one each hip, which have to do with family. I may be done with tattoos, but who knows. I may put some finishing touches on my back this year. The point is, they make me happy, they make me think about the people they represent, and until I have another compelling reason to add more ink, I’ll enjoy the ones I have….

    but I’m going to keep dying my hair.

  2. Interesting that you should fess up to the grey hair thing: I am in the process of growing out my colour to see what look like with the natural silver in place… I started going grey at 17 or 18 – both my parents and one brother went grey early, and since I was about 24 I have been highlighting, then tinting, then totally trying to dye my whole head of silver hair… The colour I have been dyeing it harks back to what my hair colour was long ago, but I haven’t been that colour naturally in many years. I’m trying to see what the silver looks like while I am on annual leave for several weeks, so if I like it I will get an elegant Annie-Lennox like cut before I go back to work. If I don’t, it’s back to the salon, and all those tedious (and no doubt unhealthy) hours of dyeing. Wish me luck!

  3. Okay, now that I can breathe, I’ll tell you that I also started going gray in my teens. My mom was completely gray in her early twenties; I still manage a salt and pepper look, though I discovered that it is quite true that you can go gray very quickly, as after an incredibly stressful year I suddenly went massively SALT. But you are so lovely, and who cares about the hair? I color my hair mostly because it’s fun and silly and looks funky black or purplish or chocolate-cherry. I suppose it’s some left over punk in me. I would like to be completely white soon and just leave it at that. I think it would be almost shocking, really – we would look young but have this amazing head of white hair.

    Let’s age gracefully together, here on the intertubes, shall we?

  4. Completely white here. Started when I was 14 and I too wish I could go gracefully but every 3 weeks my sister informs me that I can no longer be seen in public and she dyes my hair.

    I don’t see so much of it myself. I’m a -12 and -18 with astigmatism. Glad to know there are others around 😉

    • Yeah – thanks Ladies of the White (Danya and Barely Knit) for coming forth & identifying yourself and your roots. The big question is, ladies, when do we go from being youthfully prematurely grey to just grey? In my case when I get varifocals which, my nice wee optician tells me, will be in the not too distant future. Noooooo!

      • I am now at the very white at the front and grey at the back. Have tried doing a very white blonde but it looked awful. Not quite sure what to do next. Although I lovely white cane is in my future apparently

  5. 1) You have the best legs in the world. Do you do any other exercise apart from yoga & being a mother?

    2) My great-grandmother had pure white, very soft hair… and i hope i take after her (instead of inheriting the thick/wiry grey yet sparse hair my Big Hair Nanna sports). If i had white hair i’d mix it up with a bright red or purple stripe. Very bright.

    3) I love my tattoo so much. Will you really get one this year?

    • Answer 1.
      No, really I don’t but I do have a huge love of compliments so thank you. Apart from yoga, I do 2 pilates reformer classes a week (Tiaki Pilates in Sydney) and either a dance class or a Pilates private room session. Other than that I walk everywhere because I am not permitted to drive (as pe Day 31 of the Shoe Challenge – A Missing Heart & a New Year Resolution). Thank you for the tip about the driving test venue – in Scotland people used to find the smallest country town possible, usually with one set of traffic lights and opt to sit their tests there.

      Answer 3: I might. It depends whether a combination of @tiakipilates/@seemaduggal or @nomesmessenger/@kissability get me drunk enough first.

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