Day 26 of the Shoe Challenge – Pure Dead Ladylike Pumps

It never ceases to amaze me how pass remarkable people are on the way that other people dress. By pass remarkable I mean always ready with a critical or judgmental comment.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the readers comments on The Sartorialist blog. On I was getting my usual vicarious fashion thrills when I came across a post featuring the gorgeous Lauren, a Sydney based burlesque dancer.

I am not sure what draws me more to her – the bright red hair, the huge smile or the fact that she reminds me of my little sister. What I do know is that if I met Lauren, I would want to talk to her and swap shoe (and other) stories with her. She looks like a lot of fun. Generally I do not tend to read the blog comments left by readers of the Sartorialist because I get irritated and getting irritated is a waste of energy. However this time I made an exception and surprisingly most of the commentators took the same view as me. There were at the time of writing 162 comments. Many people commented on her wonderful smile and her blue nail polish. A few folk enjoyed assigning the various component parts of the look to various fashion eras. One or two suggested stockists of similar nail polish.   A few looked beyond the actual outfit at the person underneath. One said:

Real faces are always infinitely more interesting than air brushed model faces. Model faces have a certain kind of beauty that’s valuable but rarely are they as arresting as some of the real street people that you find.

I LOVE how happy she looks !!!! How could she not look good when she has so much joy…..

All good stuff.

But then there were the people who really should have stopped, slapped themselves on the wrists and remembered the adage if you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. The pass remarkable people (PRP) noted as follows:

PRP 1: Oh no! Her hair dye color is awful.

The earrings and bag r lovely.

PRP 2:  um… Maybe it’s time to come back to New York?

PRP 3: Amy Winehouse’s long lost sister.

So I got irritated and posted a comment on Twitter to that effect.  Thank goodness my rock god guest blogger Rick Morton (@rickofawesome )and Sonya (@gannet_guts) were there to deflect me.

Sonya said:

This is why I never read the comments on … pretty much anything these days! I’ll sprain my eyeballs otherwise.

Rick suggested that I get myself over to the Catorialist (fashion for cats blog) forthwith.

When things irritate me  I like to consider why that is.   One thing that I have learned from practising yoga is to observe  rather than react to discomfort. If a pose (asana) is uncomfortable, a yoga teacher will tell you to get past the discomfort by breathing and listening carefully for what your body and mind are trying to tell you. So these days instead of getting cross I try to let go of it,  let things settle for a bit until I figure out what is bugging me.

I am now pretty sure that the reason that I was irritated was that anyone that the Sartorialist features who dresses in anything other than an entirely groomed and conventional manner cops a pass remarkable comment.  That means of course, that I am taking offence on my own behalf, possibly because I identify style-wise more with Lauren than say the young stockbroker posted in the same week (on the left) who incidentally received more than a few nasty remarks about her shoes – sheesh).

So I decided to give the groomed, ladylike look a wee go. The hair was not straightened because it sulks like a wet cat when I do that.  I did, however, put on a navy pinstriped pencil skirt, white shirt, stockings, pearls and even bunged on a silk scarf at the last minute. The Roberto Vianni shoes made me do it.  They are 40’s style navy suede peep toe platform shoes and unlike me are pure dead ladylike*.

*For those unfamiliar with this term have a keek at this Wapeadia entry on Glaswegian Vernacular.

10 thoughts on “Day 26 of the Shoe Challenge – Pure Dead Ladylike Pumps

  1. She is beautiful, and reminds me of a friend of mine. I love that comment about her being full of joy. Joy and passion and zest are the most fashionable things going around. More importantly, they look good with ANY pair of shoes and you can accessorise with smiles, dimples and the light from your eyes.

    Joy is sexy.

  2. I am amazed the things people feel empowered to write via anonymity of the blogosphere. Things they wouldn’t say to the person to their face.

    I, on the other hand, am the same sarcastic buttcheese in person as I am on the web.

    • This is was not intended as a soliloquy towards nice-ness per se. If you can be scathing and funny in a comment that is good too. What irritates me is the white noise of folk muttering in the middle distance – to bitter to be positive, not smart enough to be funny. You are always funny and therefore not a PRP.

  3. those comments annoy and frustrate me – it is the old adage “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” – she is stunning and different- I love different.

    • It is packed in one of those boxes, with the tea bags. Dinnae worry hen, I have to continually edit blog posts because I use the same word four or five times successively in one paragraph – like “very” or “lovely”.

  4. Taking a moment to read all this made me a lot less irritated than I have been today. I can feel myself stockpiling the energy already.

    And a huge giggle over sarcastic buttcheese. Love the sentiments and the expression.

  5. Oh , those legs ! 🙂 but back to the subject in hand. She is not beautiful in a conventional way, but what a smile. It lights up her face , and it’s natural, not posed.
    Just lovely……….

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