Day 25 of the Shoe Challenge – Patchwork boots & talking shite to strangers

With online purchases there is a intense thrill involved in uncovering buried treasure. For every amazing piece of vintage clothing I have uncovered online there have been two or three truly icky pieces.  The advantage of online vintage shopping is, of course, that you dont have to trawl through vintage & second hand stores redolent of mothballs with two small children in hand. That and the convenience of doorstep delivery thoroughly outweighs the chances of getting dreck.

By extension, online shoe purchases either turn out extremely well or very, very badly indeed.  I struck it lucky with these Faith boots which I bought from Ozsale quite cheaply. Faith Shoes are a truly great British brand so I was pretty sure that I would not be disappointed when I ordered them.  I bought a pair of black platform ankle boots and slinky high heeled mules in the same sale. Everything came in a very large box with Ladies Shoes written in Texta on the side. Even our wee postman appeared to be delighted for me when he delivered it.

I wore these boots today to meet an online friend for the first time in the flesh. An IRL meeting, as I would say if I was at all techie which I am not.  Walking up to the crystal department in David Jones took much longer than I expected (it always does in heels). While I was walking I considered  my online friends. Nearly everyone who has commented on or contributed to this blog is someone that I met via Twitter.  Many of these so-called strangers are people that I count as friends now notwithstanding that I have never actually met them. None of them has a brand name so am I taking a risk engaging with them at all? Would I still like them if they turned up on my doorstep?

So far I have not been disappointed. I met Alison Young (@scotinoz) , her daughter and her husband about a month ago. Meeting Alison was like meeting someone that I had known my whole life – which is not surprising really  given the fact that we are both from Paisley, both lawyers and both ex-pats.

Today I met @nomesmessenger who like me and like Alison is, in her own words, an un-lawyerly lawyer. She was introduced to me by another good friend @kissability who thought we would get on. After an hour and a half in her company I felt exhilerated, amazed and humbled by the dizzyness that accompanies meeting a new friend.

My husband describes the time that I spend on Twitter as time that I spend talking complete shite to complete strangers. Sometimes strangers become friends though and I am truly grateful for all of you.

11 thoughts on “Day 25 of the Shoe Challenge – Patchwork boots & talking shite to strangers

  1. Nice boots. You’re not half bad either…for an internet weirdo. 😉 Actually, it’s been an absolute pleasure tweeting shite with you, long may it continue. I have so much more shite to share. xx

  2. You are just lovely 🙂 and your boots are gorgeous 🙂 I look forward to meeting you when I make Sydney my new home :). In fact, oddly enough, knowing that you exist there, even if we never meet, makes it a lot easier – that I will know one other Mum in the vicinity is such a happy thought.

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