Day 24 of the Shoe Challenge – The Colour of Controversy

This has been a very difficult blog post to write.  Firstly, we had our office Christmas party last night and I had rather too much wine to drink.  It would seem that my wine drinking days may be over but that is another story. Secondly, out of my entire collection of shoes, these are probably the most unfortunate looking – they resemble high heeled Crocs. Thirdly, these shoes are orange. Orange is one of my favourite colours  – especially  deep, blood orange. It should not be so hard for me to write about a colour but it is.  Being Scottish, there are just too many negative associations attached to the colour for me.

Much as I love and miss Scotland, I do not miss the overt religious sectarianism demonstrated by the Orange Walk. It is good to be able to wear orange without having to worry that I am going to offend someone.

10 thoughts on “Day 24 of the Shoe Challenge – The Colour of Controversy

    • The shoes are by XOXO – I bought them online at Ozsale To make the postage worthwhile (you pay a flat $8.50 for the first item & 50c per item thereafter) I bought a few odd things including a pair of black rubber ballet pumps with a cherry pattern (like Wellington shoes). Occasionally I buy completely odd shoes – there are a few more bizarre things lurking in the Archives.

  1. I love these shoes! Very cute, and perfect with jeans, as has been stated earlier. I, too, love the colours of Autumn. Browns, moss greens, oranges…love them all.

    About the hazy day after the imbibing of the wine, I think it has something to do with our bodies growing older and starting to revolt. I have the same problem with my good friend rum. I used to be able to merrily drink the evening away, and still wake up refreshed and ready to greet the morn. Now, I cower under the covers til the room stops spinning, grope my way to the shower, and tentatively sneak up on some dry toast and tea, all the while sending a plea out to the universe that the stomach will settle, the head will stop aching, and I’ll once again be able to string more than 2 words together. Aging suck.

    PS: If you buy a smart pair of green pumps, you can balance out the colour situation.

  2. Forget about the shoes. Look at the jeans. You need to buy a smaller size, you are dragging the bottoms on the ground and they are ripping.

    haha. I don’t have much to say about shoes so I have to try and find something.

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