Post-Script – Baby Lawyer Responds

Luckily it would appear that settlement negotiations in the matter of Office Havaianas are nearing completion.  The Baby Lawyer has offered on a without prejudice basis to agree to the following enforceable undertaking


To avoid further incidences of people blogging about my hobbit like feet, I hereby make the following undertaking –

I BABY LAWYER, in the State of New South Wales, Solicitor, SAY ON OATH:

1. I will undertake not to wear Havaiana’s to the office again unless the following criteria are met:

(a) the temperature exceeds 38 degrees centigrade;

(b) I am not meeting any clients;


(c) the writer of this blog is wearing shoes with a clear heel with fake cherries inside them.

2.  The parties acknowledge and agree that I will endeavour to increase the variety of my footwear over the coming summer months subject to the prior approval of the aforesaid blog writer.

3.  Furthermore the parties will agree in good faith to clarify what is meant by the term “Nice dress shorts with loafers” for purposes of casual dressing in and around the environs of the office of AL (the Firm).

4.   Breach of this undertaking may result in the me being required to purchase ice cream and/or icey poles for the  entire Firm.

In witness whereof etc.

3 thoughts on “Post-Script – Baby Lawyer Responds

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