Day 23 of the Shoe Challenge – More boots, also legs and so on

There is something in  this photograph that you will very seldom see in any photograph of me – my thigh.

Last night, while perusing the News of the Screws for good Tiger Woods sex scandal puns (the two standouts were  TIGER HAD ME IN THE ROUGH and  TIGER’S NOT A LION CHEETAH – BUT HIS WIFE STILL WENT APE – SHE USED TWO CLUBS ON HIS CADDY –  how I miss good quality British journalism) I found what appears to be a regular feature entitled Stars & their Thighs showing two WAGs wearing extraordinarily short skirts.  This lead me to consider my own thighs which I prefer to ignore and/or cover up as a general rule.

There is one accidentally short skirt in my wardrobe. It is a distressed brown leather mini skirt circa late 1980s which I bought for $17.00 on eBay (plus packing & postage). In the photo that the seller had posted on eBay it looked like a knee length skirt so I foolishly did not bother to check the measurements.  As it transpired, the skirt is about 6.5 inches upwards of knee length which is much shorter than anything I would normally wear happily. Or at all.

Luckily this week I have been inspired by the risky shoe purchase of a lady known as The Not Drowning Mother.  You will recall that she is a self confessed Birkenstock addict and high heel nay sayer.

For reasons that have still not been fully divulged she bought a rather snazzy, jazzy pair of dancing shoes with heels. Both the shoes and the ankles are very attractive. I was most impressed.

It is only by standing on the shoulders of giants that we can see the wood for the trees (no pun intended op.cit) .

And somehow this brave step into discomfort by the NDM inspired me to wear these Lipstik boots for the first time in about 5 years and a skirt length that I have not worn ever.  The boots are just below the knee with an easy wee heel.  They put me in mind of the  Andres Courrèges knee boots that worked so well with mini-skirts in the Sixties and early Seventies (see below). To mark the occasion, I set my iPod to Beggars Banquet and channelled Mick Jagger. By the time that Sympathy for the Devil had ceded to No Expectations I had forgotten all about my thighs.

Image from Go-Go Boots: A Foot-First Jump into the Wacky World of Mod Footwear

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