Day 22 of the Shoe Challenge – Havaianas to the Office?!

WARNING: Un-Australian Blog Post

Too many women working in a confined office space leads to menstrual synchronicity which in turn leads to undiluted PMT which inevitably ends in warfare in approximately four week cycles. And so it was for our wee law firm for rather too long until the Boss managed to talk two lovely, enlightened young chaps into working with us.

One of the aforesaid young chaps (whom we shall call Baby Lawyer) works with me on client projects on a daily basis. He never complains about my accent, compliments my shoes and miraculously manages to anticipate what I want done on a client file often before I  figure this out for myself. He is clean, smells nice and  best of of all  practises yoga as an antidote to beating up other nice young chaps on the football field. Basically the perfect graduate lawyer package in a nutshell. Apart from one the smallest, nit-pickiest thing. He wears bright blue Havaianas to the office.

For those of you overseas unfamiliar with the concept of Havaianas aka thongs may I refer you to the excellent guest blog that Angela Pinjuh wrote for me a few weeks back  entitled Angela’s Thongs.

Some might say that thongs are the quintessential beach shoe – I would not disagree, I would just ensure that that is where they remain. It is often asked, how far away from the beach is it appropriate to just wear a swimsuit? Most Australians would probably say that provided you can actually see the beach,  you are still appropriately dressed.  Rubber thongs, however, appear everywhere in Australia. For me it is the equivalent of seeing men wearing suits with trainers. I would argue most strenuously that thongs (other than leather ones) should not be worn within 200 metres of an office reception desk.  Bearing in mind that I have not yet taken my vow of Australian citizenship, I should probably keep schtum.

In any event, I warned the Baby Lawyer this morning that I was either  going to blog about his thongs or burn them.  His typically male response was to say that it was easy for women – we could wear open toed shoes. At which point, he looked at my shoes which are hereby produced and referred to as Exhibit A.

You will notice that I am wearing stockings and high heels.  Hosiery is the bane of my existence particularly on a day when temperatures hit 38 degrees in Sydney.  The open toes made a really big difference to the comfort factor.

That said, the rain is giving it laldy out there at the moment, so I am looking forward to boot blogging tomorow.

6 thoughts on “Day 22 of the Shoe Challenge – Havaianas to the Office?!

    • Indeed hosiery is the work of the devil. However, shoes without hosiery is a recipe for blisters and extremely foul smelling feet. Also, thongs are generally frowned up even in enlightened legal circles. Lavender spray makes the whole summer experience more bearable for everyone.

  1. I wear my Havaianas to the office every day!
    Of course my office is in my dining room and my work uniform is shorts and a singlet.

    Keep up the good work Baby Lawyer.

    Perhaps as part of your shoe challenge, Lawandshoes, I should challenge you to wear Havaianas to the office one day! In the name of shoe research, of course.

    I love exhibit A by the way, but stockings in this weather?
    You are mad.

    • That is entirely acceptable. Also I saw a very pregnant girl today wearing a purple maxi dress with a pair of thongs in an exact colour match. Great look. Boys, thongs, legal office – not so good. Call me a footwear fascisti…

  2. I thought I was the only one who ascribed to such thong grinchery. Yes – only for the beach! Or the park.

    I had one pair of beautiful Indian leather thongs, or sandals if you will. I wore them to death in summer – they looked gorgeous with a lean cut jean, and with my black peasant skirt (oddly, both gorgeous items purchased in the Mother Country).

    The leather on one thong snapped after several years of wear.

    No Havaianas shall ever replace them.

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