Guest Shoe Post by @Nomesmessenger – What does a non-lawyerly lawyer wear to the office?

Strange but true: when abroad  either or holiday or for other purposes Scottish people ignore other Scottish people.  There is probably a whole blog post in this odd fact.  At the root of this aversion to our country people is more than a little bit of vanity. We like to think of ourselves as windswept, interesting and unique.  That uniqueness is diluted by other people with Scottish accents. So it is with lawyers.  It has to be said that as a profession we try quite hard not to hang around with each other. This may be an evolutionary way of ensuring that a trip to the pub with friends does not turn into an adversarial slanging match. It may also be a way of ensuring that fewer lawyers marry  and reproduce (for more on this see Legal Antics Why Lawyers Should not Marry Each Other and Ten Signs you Might be a Mischiefmaker with two Lawyers for Parents.)

However, as long as we can put aside the urge to say things like “My Learned Friend is clearly talking mince” & “Will you accept this drink in full & final settlement of the entire lunch bill including but not limited to dessert?” there is no reason why lawyers cannot be very good friends with other lawyers.

And so it is with by @Nomesmessenger and I – her shoe collection to date has entirely won me over.


Admittedly I went to New York with 9 kg with the aim of coming home laiden with jeans, records and awesome MOMA books. I was not really concerned with shoe shopping as I am a standard 38 and hate sales staff of any form so tend to buy shoes online.

A friend recommended a rocker shop in lower east side. Knowing my friends penchant for unnatural fibers I thanked her and thought – there is no way I am going to some poly-faux-goth place out of politeness

It was out of shock then that I happened to walk past said shop en route to a soy latte made out of non vanilla soy and proper coffee. I was convinced to go in mainly, as I was told by my travelling companion, that at least I could then tell the recommender I went in and it wasn’t really me.

Admittedly I was in search of replacing my beloved but now deceased brothel creepers. Much to my dismay (after collecting static walking past the whore goth-poly wear) I was welcomed into the shoe sale out the back where I picked up these two gems.

Now I’m no fan of the winklepicker or the recent trend of canvas pointed smelly shoes but these dapper ones caught my eye.

Not only are they completely rocking but they were a female version of my male friend’s shoes that aren’t made for girls PLUS completely wearable with a pant suit without being a Douche Suit Person.

The second pair is a beautiful leather with not only sensible heel but rubber on the sole thus reducing my attempts to thwart myself in the hotness stakes by falling over. Completely for the win.

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