Day 20 of the Shoe Challenge – How High is Too High?

Personally, I have always taken the view that provided you can actually walk in a pair of heels, even if it is v-e-r-y slowly they are not too high.

The tabloids have recently had a field day re-reporting that Victoria Beckham will need surgery to remove bunions caused by high heels. Funnily enough wearing really high heels does horrible things to your feet.

No one should be surprised that high heels cause pain, but what surprises me is that people feel the need to keep commenting on it. Some of the headlines (for example Have you Tried Hush Puppies Posh? by Tom Leonard) carry the hectoring tone of your least favourite spinster aunt.

Dont sit too close to the radiator! You will get chilblains!”

Take that coat off or you wont feel the benefit of it when you get outside!”

If you keep pulling that face, one day it will stick like that!”

and so on, and so, and so on and on and on and on.

Quite frankly, if women dressed comfortably all the time life would be boring for us and for everyone else. As Linda OKeeffe puts it:

“Women may wear slippers, put on sneakers and slip into loafers but they dress in high heels”.

In other words, high heels let women play act and pretend to be something we are not. Glamorous, sexy, mysterious – taller.

The boots that I wore today are extremely difficult to walk in – they throw my entire centre of gravity forward over my toes, my lordosis which has taken years to un-curve with yoga and pilates magically re-appears in seconds.  Why do I keep wearing them? Perhaps it is because a very good friend of mine from back home gave them to me. She loved the square toe and the 4.5 inch high block heels when she bought them.  After a week of  fighting the fear of a face plant with each step she offered them to me on the basis that I was the only person she could think of who could possibly walk in them. I miss her, think of her when I wear them and have never wanted to let her down.

A bit of pain is worth it to be a siren for a day. Provided that I can walk home barefoot.

4 thoughts on “Day 20 of the Shoe Challenge – How High is Too High?

  1. Many heels don’t provide decent support in the arch, and put all the weight on the toes. You should be able to throw your shoulders back and stride in heels. So many women are wearing badly-fitting shoes. There’s no reason to get bunions from heels – badly-fitting heels, on the other hand, they’ll give you bunions, (as will badly-fitting sneakers). I had a beautiful pair of Spanish black suede shoes with a 10cm heel. (Peep toe and ankle strap.) They were comfortable to wear, built to support the foot. Walk? I could RUN in them. 🙂

  2. I love heels. Well being 5 foot nothing I need them! Do I wear them every day? Well no, that would make my job as a kinder teacher rather a challenge! But when I do wear heels I tend to go for the big guns. Even if I’m going dancing… And I don’t take them off untill I get home, or in the car . Having said that I recently tried on a pair that even frightened me! Perhaps I’m getting soft in my old age!

    • I am 5 foot 4 so I feel that I need them too. When I have the kids I would not dream of wearing heels – I have had to sprint to stop the Minx running into oncoming traffic too often. But I do not want to give them up forever, hence why the Shoe Challenge has been a lot of fun for me.

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