Guest Shoe Poem – Christweetiebard’s Brand New Sneakers

There is only one way to describe @Tweetiebard – he is magnificent.  (He is also reclusive so if you want to follow him, tell him I sent you …)

This is the first time that I have ever had a poem about shoes dedicated to me (well,  half dedicated, the other half is dedicated to fellow shoe obsessive @CherylAnneNY).   I am pure dead chuffed so I am.  The original and other wonderful things can be found at Christweetiebard’s Blog


Pad panel side soft

niffy-dye shop whiff

poff tread loping

laidback pigeon-toed

wallup-land wooshalongs

with doff pith gate swing

cruisy curve horizontal

poppy hovercraft butch

two tone bright flick away

arch hug grabbery and

braised footpath greyish

doo-bap hop up ad-hoc blip

dap jitterbug creep back

blumpy jeep-jump platform

air-whack sandbag slack

on a beach panel parching

thick-sock thwack happy

scithy lace-burn dusting

to cheesy home hush


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