Day 17 of the Shoe Challenge – Problematic Pumps

These black velvet pumps (by Bronx Shoes) were on sale. So  absolutely sure was I that I would be able to find something in the evening wear to match them with that I did not think twice about buying them.  How hard could it be to dress up black velvet? Thereafter I would gamely try to match the pumps up with a little evening number – a long  gown, a pair of tuxedo pants and a white shirt, a wee flirty knee length silk chiffon skirt & sparkly top.   The shoes outwitted me. Nothing worked with them – N O T H I N G.

The problem is, of course, the heel. It is a reasonably shapely heel but low slung and with no spikey evening promise credentials whatsoever. In other words, for night-time purposes these are entirely sensible  shoes.  For a long time I was so stumped  and perplexed by them that I relegated these problematic pumps to their box and forgot about them. If it was not for the Shoe Challenge they would still be there.

The trick with shoes is to match the heel height to the occasion.  These have a 3.5 inch heel which makes them just about perfect for office wear. So that was the key, trot them out during  daylight hour. The Problematic Pumps have since been matched with a short tight blue velvet dress and a silk Grecian Akira tunic.  The velvet has a cheeky shine during the daylight almost as if the shoes have managed to get one over on me. I know better.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 of the Shoe Challenge – Problematic Pumps

  1. they seem to be a hybrid shoe – like a cross between an Afgahn Hound and a Blue Heeler (for example) – they are a lovely fabric, but the style really is very office-y. Well doen making them work 🙂 (they are lovely)

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