Day 16 of the Shoe Challenge – Really boring boots?

You will remember that I am running out of time to write about boots & I do still have quite a few pairs to get through.  After about a week of really intense heat, it was a delight to wake up with goosebumps this morning (21 degrees centigrade people, that is cold for Sydney).  I got a bit excited at the prospect of wearing a pair of knee high black boots with a frock.  For those few male Caveat Calcei readers out there, wearing a frock and boots is the female equivalent of going to work in shorts and  tee-shirt, the time spent thinking about dressing and thereafter dressing is cut by half if not more. My sense of boots-induced well-being lasted well throughout my commute into the city. It lasted until I got to the office whereupon one of my colleagues announced loudly that my boots were boring. Can boots be boring? Are these boots boring? Should I simply hang up my keyboard now? Dear Shoe Jurors, please let me know what you think.

11 thoughts on “Day 16 of the Shoe Challenge – Really boring boots?

  1. I am going to be completely sexist here but something that i dont think women realise is that from a guys point of view boots on a woman can never be boring, they are only ever sexy, boots rock. They are never boring for us not ever.

  2. Boots, boring. NEVER! I have (living in cooler Melbourne) just recently come out of a long boot wearing winter… I love my boots, and often arrange clothing around the particular pair I want to wear.
    A perfectly fitting boot is a thing of beauty!

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