Day 15 – Shoes or Sandals or Boots or What?

Shoes should be fun and interesting. Boring shoes are a pointless waste of leather. To this end,  I like to look at a pair of shoes and try to figure out the designers underlying design inspiration.   I suspect, in this case,  that the designer was quite enamoured of Scottish Highland Country Dancing shoes.

Now as you can see, Scottish Country Dancing Shoes are perfectly fine for having a wee burl through the Dashing White Sargent. One would not, however, want to be seen dead in them by the light of day.

Enter the Shoe of the Day, stage right. I have not been to the Riverside Club in Glasgow too many times, but if you ever make a journey to No Mean City (aka Glasgow) you will find that that mecca to ceilidh shenanigans is now gone. It was something a bit special, a bit odd and a bit out there in the Glasgow Club Scene. Just like that scene in Local Hero where the locals get up to all sorts of debauchery at the end of an evening of drinking and ceilidh dancing. Sláinte Mhath.

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