Day 14 – Prada Open Toed Silver Mules

It appears that we have yet another shoe addict in the family.  

My daughter, the Minx, has become quite enamoured of the Shoe Challenge. Of an evening while I am working on this blog she has a rare wee time to herself stepping in and out of my shoes, clomping about the kitchen and chortling mightily.  She also happily strikes a pose for photos, like this one that her dad took of her on Day 9.

I am experiencing a general increasing hostility from my daughter when my husband is around which probably means that she is in the nascent stages of an Electra Complex.  Notwithstanding this, I am hoping that instead of wanting to do away with me, she decides to join forces with me and bond over shoe shopping.Today, I was therefore delighted when she decided to make an appearance in the photo for the blog post today:

But for her intervention I would have nothing nice to say about these shoes other than that they are silver and that they are Prada.  They are possibly the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes that I own. Without fail, at the end of a day wearing these my toes resemble a washer woman’s fingers.   I think that this is the fault of the elasticated straps at the back. Like one size tights, one size shoe straps do no one any favours.  These are, however, are the closest thing to Barbie shoes that I possess, which may be why the Minx likes them.  Either that or she has her eye firmly fixed on the sharp heel and I should be taking a baseball bat to bed with me.

3 thoughts on “Day 14 – Prada Open Toed Silver Mules

  1. I, too, have a pair of Pradas which are easily the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned. They tend to turn the back of my foot into mincemeat. However, I haven’t been able to part with them, probably because of the fact that they are Prada, and cost enough money to make me think twice about relegating them to the rubbish bin. Therefore, they lanquish under my bed, in the Land of Forgotten Shoes, with all the other footwear that seemed like a REALLY good idea at the time, but in hindsight should never have been brought home.

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