Day 13 Shoe Challenge – Really quite shiny boots

A little known fact about me (and my sister) – we once nearly got arrested after going to concert in the Glasgow  due to a pair of my boots.  These boots are not the boots that I was wearing at the time, in case you ask, I was wearing a pair of boots that I swapped for these.  Also, the fact that I was nearly arrested is probably all my mum’s fault. Let me explain.

I have a very clear memory of my mum dressed elegantly for a icy cold Montana winter day many years ago in a hand knitted Arran poncho and pair of  light coloured thigh high canvas boots.  Moving on a few years, every panto season at the Kings Theatre brought the visual spectacle of Glaswegian male actors dressed in womens clothing and pretty girls playing boys in long boots.  So for many years,  I had an unrealised hankering for very long boots.

When I was in Second Year at University, I picked up the Paisley Daily Express, not known for its in depth news coverage nor its cutting edge fashion spreads.  So it was quite a shock to check  out its Spring Fashion page on that day to see the model wearing one a very smart trench coat and a pair of tight, zip up, high heeled thigh length bright red boots.  Nowadays nothing would have possessed me to buy these or at least having bought them thereafter wearing them to tax lectures, shopping and so on.  However, at the time I thought I looked like Edie Sedgwick. Only shorter, not blonde and (I have to face facts) nowhere near as stylish.

Those red high boots had a curious effect on people – particularly Paisley people. No-one actually said anything to me, but I got the distinct feeling that the majority of people wanted to shout abuse at me or burn me at the stake.  It was not a comfortable feeling. The final death knell for those boots was rung after that fateful concert in the Barrowlands. My sister and I were standing outside the C&A on Argylle Street in Glasgow about 11.30 pm waiting for our dad to give us a lift home.   A police van slowly came to a stop and two members of the local constabulary asked us what we were up to.  It was all looking a bit tense until we explained that we had been attending The Damned concert  at the Barrowlands.

Not long afterwards the boots were put out to pasture, making an occasional appearance at the odd Halloween party.  Then one day a friend of mine offered to swap me these boots for the red ones. I agreed quickly then was a bit sad and a bit relieved to see them go.  These are much easier to run for buses in and I do not get quite so many angry villager looks when wearing them.

One thought on “Day 13 Shoe Challenge – Really quite shiny boots

  1. Fantastic boots! Glorious stuff.

    Wish we could see a pic of the red ones, though. Funny how in Paisley red shoes/boots = scarlet woman in a really simplistic equation. My dad warned me off red shoes when I was a teenager: he said I’d look ‘cheap’. I bought red boots (from Russell and Bromley in Glasgow) when I was a student, and I had a red leather coat (very Edie Sedgwick – it was my mum’s, and I still have it) though I never wore them together – too much red probably DOES make one a scarlet woman! So I was clearly resisting my dad’s attempts to make me look ladylike (other ‘cheap’ signs were eating in public, smoking in the street, skirts without tights, and sandals in winter!). Never got stopped by the police when I was wearing them, though!

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