Day 12 Shoe Challenge – Black Peep Toe Shoes

At the moment, I am feeling very homesick for  Scottish Autumn mornings – the frost on the grass, the icy freshness of clean clothes dried in the chill night wind, looking out for the first Christmas tree to make an appearance.  The cold air and the dark mornings are my Christmas cues, which I have lost in Australia. I constantly miss the last date for sending Christmas cards because my body tells me that November in Australia is really July back home.   I also have serious winter clothing envy. In October in the Northern Hemisphere, women are cracking out the woolly tights and boots again.  I love boots. Now that Spring has well and truly sprung, I have probably reached le point de non retour as it were for the wearing of boots and it saddens me.   Soon I will have to eschew closed toe shoes entirely in favour of the fresh air friendly wide open spaces of  sandals. I have one or two tricks still up my sleeve until that point – yesterday my secret weapon was a pair of black suede peep toe pumps.  Peep toes are a wee bit rude but never too obvious.  I reckon that they are the shoe version of a black lace camisole peeking out under a black corporate suit jacket for a woman.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 Shoe Challenge – Black Peep Toe Shoes

  1. I’m with you on the season-lag… I can’t get with the program whenever xmas comes around here in Oz. It’s just Not Right. Christmas colours (reds and greens etc) don’t look right here against a background of bleached out blue skies and blinding sunshine. I always crave xmas pudding and custard, yet have to eat cold ham and thai carrot salad. It’s wrong!

    Oh, and the shoes are great.

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