Day 10 of the Shoe Challenge – Wedding Shoe Diaries Part 1

A couple of weeks ago a guest blog post by Thea pushed my readership statistics up by about 200%. She mentioned three of her favourite pairs of shoes including her wedding shoes.

Just about every woman on the planet has fond memories of her wedding day shoes. Most women spend months and sometimes years planning their weddings. A huge amount of time is devoted to choosing and buying their wedding dresses and shoes. I am not one of these women.  In under three months, I managed to organise a new job, a visa to Australia, the sale of a house and my wedding.  The key was delegation.  The major shoe decisions were delegated to my dad.  I showed him the dress and sent him off in the general direction of the shops located at Buchanan Street in Glasgow. This is not as daft as it may seem as my dad (1)  loves to shop and (2)  is the only parent that I have that has any interest in shopping and shoes.  He chose two pairs on the basis that you can never underestimate how many pairs of shoes a bride will need… this is the first pair (to be continued)


8 thoughts on “Day 10 of the Shoe Challenge – Wedding Shoe Diaries Part 1

    • My good friend AT was well known throughout university for kicking off her shoes in haphazard directions for the purposes of dancing. For at least half an hour after the end of every do we would all be sobering up on our hands and knees looking for her shoes.

  1. Wow a dad that shoe shops – my dad brought me teddy bear slippers for easter when I was 17 one year – does that count?

    I love my wedding shoes. they cost me $35 ( i think it was a special that saw me buy two pairs for $70). They were gold and a little similar in style to your ones. I still wear them almost every occassion I go out. They are comfy, simple and nice – not too a big a heel and I can stand all night in them.

    They were cheapo shoes but possibly the most worn in my collection. I love them to death.

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