Guest Shoe Post – Boys and Shoes

For a number of weeks now I have been trying to secure the services of a male guest blogger prepared to write about his shoes.  How difficult could this be? Everyone wears shoes and men are very particular about which shoes they wear. Surely there is at least one chap prepared to wax lyrical about his footwear?  Apparently not.

Here were some of the responses that I received:

I have no talent for words, therefore I have no desire to blog. 140 characters, is my limit………

You really asking the wrong man. My last fave pair were bought at Lowes, because they fitted, unlike the more expensive brands.

You’ve lost me, what are shoes? What you wear when not wearing thongs?

What is a shoe, other than a thong that costs more and that stops you stepping in unpleasant things?

So I decided to go straight to the five year old for a comment as there was a point in time when he was quite into shoes:

See Exhibit A below:


This interest in shoes, pink clothing and womens hats continued up until very recently.  Then all of a sudden, about half way through his Kindergarten year, my son began to say things like Pink is for girls and That is something that girls would do.  He has started to gender identify by putting his arms over the backs over chairs and say things like Those are my girl friends while using the top of his head to point at his female classmates.

So despite doing my best to encourage my son to get in touch with his feminine side he is still more drawn to boy things (cars, trains, camouflage pants) and away from girlie things like high heeled shoes.  See Exhibit B below:


Which are your favourite shoes?  These sandals.

Why are those your favourite shoes?  I can put them on by myself.

Is there anything else that  you like about them?  Dunno. Can I get ice cream now?

6 thoughts on “Guest Shoe Post – Boys and Shoes

  1. yes, my wee man doesn’t wear mummys shoes that is left to his little brother (not attending Kindy). it’s the way of the world I am afraid.

  2. Sorry Megan, I tried , I really tried to be enthusiastic about clothes, and shoes, but like most guys, I hate shopping, and how can you be turned on, by a pair of New Balance joggers ?………..

  3. Try drawingdad – he’ll do it – he has an interest in fashion that would be a little unsettling for me, where it not painfully obvious he does not, for want of a better way of saying it, “fit in as an alternative to a footstool” (see i try to be vaguely amusing and look what happens- sigh) –
    love your sons responses though – very practical 🙂

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