Day 9 – Alan Pinkus Metal Heeled Charcoal Suede Pumps

IMG_0179Today the Boss and I went shoe shopping.  I was absolutely delighted when she listened to my various advices and picked up two very high wedged heeled shoes – one pair in red patent leather and another in Oscar the Grouch green suede. Oh, and the white patent cutwork brogues that she chose are going to look very Katharine Hepburn matched with wide legged linen trousers this summer.

It occured to me while she and I slipped in and out of about 40 pairs of shoes each that I have absolutely no idea what my taste in shoes is. It is probably fair to say that the only thing that feeds my obsession is an aversion is to uninteresting shoes.  Even when I buy a plain court shoe I want it to distinguish itself. This can be by means of an unexpected button or bead, a different colour or texture to  the lining or possibly a slightly whimsical heel.   The Shoes of  the Day today (which the shopkeeper loved) are from an Alan Pinkus Shoes sale about 6 years ago. Alan Pinkus shoes  are always styled in a  feminine, almost overly girly way but each style has a little something, a wee hidden surprise that always intrigues me.  The  heels of these otherwise plain suede pumps are curved in gold tone parentheses and pay tribute to the Comma Heel created by Roger Vivier. IMG_0180

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