Day 8 Shoe Challenge – Black Patent Platform Sandals

Schuh Black Patent Strappy Platforms

I bought these black patent leather with the woven open toes from  Schuh in Glasgow in 1997. I have avoided wearing them for a long, long time as your common or garden platform shoes date very quickly. Also, I thought that I might just look a little bit ridiculous strutting about the office in 6 inch high heels.

However, after writing Celebrity Fetish Dress Ups and spotting a veritable bevvy of girls tottering drunkenly about Sydney in platform soles yesterday, I was inspired to give them another outing.

The world does look a bit different from up there particularly when you are normally a bit on the short side (I am 165 cm/5 foot 4 inches barefoot). Suddenly I can (nearly) look my husband in the eye, which freaks him out.  The downside? It takes a lot of dedication and practice to walk in elevated soles and heels. I had to walk a bit more slowly and regally today than I usually to avoid falling on my backside.  As I had new clients coming in, I  played it safe and matched the shoes with a simple black wrap dress and an antique brooch that belonged to my gran.  If the new clients were bemused to see a lawyer wearing platform shoes, they certainly kept this to themselves.

One thought on “Day 8 Shoe Challenge – Black Patent Platform Sandals

  1. I am envious of your ability to wear 6″ heels. Since I stand 5’10” in my stocking feet, I would look like some Alien Drag Queen life form if I chose to sport a 6″heel. I think anytime you top off at 6’4″, you better be wearing stilts, or belong to some All Girl Basketball team. I have to be content with finding cute heels that are no higher than 2″, 3″ if I’m feeling especially confident.

    My husband stands at 5’11” (although I think he’s more along the lines of 5’10” and half, but I don’t want to injure his delicate male ego and tell him that). He’s happy when I wear HIGH heels, even when I tower over him. I’m not sure what that says about him, other than he likes Amazons. We usually stand eye level to each other, so it’s odd when I suddenly have 4 inches on him.

    It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with my height, and embrace it happily. I often wish I was just 2″ shorter, just imagine the increase in shoe choices I would suddenly be presented with. Darn.

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