Day 7 Shoe Challenge – The Invisible Sandal

We have had three or four days now in Sydney with temperatures over 30 degrees centigrade.  Today, in honour of the Melbourne Cup and betting insanity, hot dry desert winds pushed the heat in the city up to a still and stifling 39 degrees. This, let me tell you, sucked.

Before I get the usual barrage of comments about being an ungrateful Scottish whinger, I should say  I do not dislike hot weather per se.  I moved to Sydney mostly because I wanted to live someplace warm with beaches. What I really dislike about this past week is being taken by surprise. Having the weather jump from 24 degrees to 34 degrees in a matter of days is a bit like getting an unexpected houseguest – it involves a lot of extra work out of the blue.  Legs have to be depilated and exfoliated, heels scrubbed and moisturised,  toe nails buffed and polished. Clothing has to be light, soft  & preferably diaphanous. With an office outing in the works,  I had to scrabble around in some plastic wheeled boxes in the garage to dig out an appropriate summer dress and shoes.  Luckily, I managed to find something that highlights one of my favourite shoe obsessions – the invisible sandal.


The invisible sandal was pioneered by Salvatore Ferragamo in the post-war years.  He used nylon fishing wire to create a transparent vamp  (upper part that helps hold the shoe onto the foot).   In time the nylon fishing line was replaced with clear vinyl or polyurethane material as in this pair that I picked up in Mallorca on holiday about 12 years ago.  Wearing them creates the  trompe l’oeil effect that  the sole of my foot has absorbed the shoe almost as if I have a vestigial high heel.

3 thoughts on “Day 7 Shoe Challenge – The Invisible Sandal

  1. dear lord…i was once forced to sit on the floor next to a lecturer who was standing next to me wearing a pair of these vynyl horrors! They stank to high heaven and my poor nose was a mere 30-40cm away…..i still have nightmares

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