Guest Shoe(s) of The Week – Thea aka @mumto2angels

Picture 092My favourite shoes?  What a question for someone with a size 5 foot.  Yep, that’s kiddy size.

My wedding shoes?  The most gorgeous pair of shoes I’ve ever seen.  I eyed them off for weeks in the shop window.  I finally entered the store to find they came in sizes 6+, but by some amazing stroke of luck, or divine intervention, they fitted perfectly.  Oh yes, I did feel like Cinderella!

My Doc Martens?  They got me through two European holidays.  They are so comfy, but more importantly, they make me feel cool!

My sheepskin slippers?  I long for cold Winter nights just so I can wear them.  Add to that my flannie pj’s and soft pink robe and I’m in heaven!

My favourites???  Lucky I don’t have three feet or I may just wear one of each…at the same time!

5 thoughts on “Guest Shoe(s) of The Week – Thea aka @mumto2angels

  1. Oh wow – my 9 year old daughter has larger feet 🙂 That must get very annoying at times…just as having size 9 1/2-10 feet does – all those shoes sell, or they don’t make the ones I like in that size…grrr…maybe this is why I’m stuck on converse…
    (I want your slippers btw)

  2. Little feet on a woman is very sexy. But on a man? Ewww. You know what they say about men with small feet… Yep, small shoes.

    I like the broad spectrum you have covered with your shoes of the week. You are a woman with a shoe for every occasion (except perhaps scuba diving).

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