Guest Shoe Post(s) of The Week – Alexander MacQueen Foot Candy

It is quite hard for me to write this introduction without the green monster of envy taking over the keyboard. The author of this post and I  used to work together. During that time  my clothing and shoe spend increased ferociously.  She is a gorgeous young lady with long legs, incredible hair and one of the most covetable shoe collections that I have encountered in recent times. You can find her on Twitter as @princessnowhere but follow her at your peril – she regular tweets about Christian Laboutin,  evil shoe temptress that she is.


These absolutely lust-worthy pieces of foot-candy came to me courtesy of eBay. Friends can never understand how I get decent shoes – and to fit perfectly – online, but I’ve never once gone wrong. All my favourites come from there, from the most deliciously outrageous hot pink Barbie stilettos, to my super-comfy black flat boots, to my sadly decommissioned pairs of RMK peep-toes.

DSC01924I must admit I’m a little smitten with the coloured sole. Designer treads as these [rrp$800+] sport them often.My cream Peep Toe Shoes have blood-red undersides that flash almost indecently with every step, there is no better way to offset a black dress…any black dress.

I have recently, under duress from a magazine journalist, surveyed my annual expenditure. There are some areas I’m sure the financial adviser will advise I trim… I mean I spend about $600 per annum on coffees! And over $5,000pa on clothes and shoes. Let’s be honest, I don’t buy a lot of clothes, at 175cm and size 16 fashion is not my friend. So I fear he will probably go after the shoes. Frankly, I’m terrified. I know I can’t go on justifying my at-least-monthly purchases when I’m trying to save for South America, UK and Middle East travel.

$50 per week for groceries sounds do-able, right?

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