Day 6 – Andrea & Joen Black Kitten Heeled Sandals

For at least six months of year, the  Sydney weather dictates the wearing of sandals. In Glasgow you would be lucky to be wearing sandals for six weeks of the year. The brevity of the UK sandal season is the only reason that I  have ever been able to come up with for the hilarious national disgrace that is the British Man Wearing Socks & Sandals.

Recently the Noisy Boy insisted being seen in public, at a birthday party, with his school friends dressed thus:

DSCN0849Via the magic of Facebook, when I posted this photograph my cousin sent me a picture of my Uncle Billy not long after he emigrated from Paisley to California in the 1960s. He was wearing the  dreaded socks n sandals combo.

Sock N Sandals

I have long believed that men have an unhealthy relationship with their socks. Now I believe that it is genetic. It may be to prevent thier toe nails pinging off into the fire while the wildebeeste cooks or less interestingly for hygiene purposes, but I digress.  The bottom line is this – you will never see a woman wearing sandals and socks. You may well see a woman wearing sticking plasters and sandals but that is only because we are prepared to suffer for our art.

I am pleased to report that I have had not one moment of discomfort wearing these sandals.

They even boast enough space at the sides for me to spread out my toes in Tadasana (Mountain Pose) while waiting for my train home.

12 thoughts on “Day 6 – Andrea & Joen Black Kitten Heeled Sandals

  1. I went outside in thongs (you know what I mean!) and socks last winter to hang the washing on the line. No one could see me but I felt sooooo conspicuous!
    That sock and sandal look is just too funny.

  2. Did she send you the one with me wearing the sock/sandal combo too? I had hoped all copies and negatives had been burned. My mom and dad learned pretty quickly that socks and sandals are definitely not “de rigueur” here in Cali. A bad case of “those foreigners dressing their kids funny”.

    On a side note, almost an inverse theorem if you will, there are certain places in California where the WOMEN often sport socks and sandals. Of course the sandals are Birkenstocks and the socks are hand-woven hemp (and the armpit hair is often also woven) but you do need to travel a bit north to the land of The Greatful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and the Fillmore to experience the phenomenon.

    By the way, when does the blog on huaraches, Birkenstocks and earth shoes appear?

  3. Oh they are beautiful shoes 🙂 (and you have the same rug as my mother – that was an odd moment of realisation and bizarre thought processes 🙂 ) But yes socks. son is obsessed. wants to where those faux plastic croc things and socks yesterday – convinced him to wear bandaid instead. My son will NOT be a sandal and sock man, even if his grandfather was, and his great grandfather…his dad wont go near sandals or thongs – so he has no example to live up to…
    Very cute pic of little ones btw.

  4. First of all, I give you every blessing to post any picture of my Dad that you or I or any other member of the family has. Especially any photo that will illustrate the disgrace that is the sandal/sock phenomenon.

    Second: As far as ladies wearing band aids and sandals, I believe this relates to an edict my Mother drove into myself and my sister from an early age, which is “A lady never lets on when her feet are sore”. According to this logic, no matter how badly your designer heels are destroying the soft flesh of your tootsies, you NEVER show pain. You may, however, trade shoes with the lady next to you in an effort to alleviate some of the worst of the torture, provided the shoes are equal or greater in value in appearance. I remember my Mom sharing just this scenario with us. It happened in Barcelona, she had a three way swap with my Aunt and one of her cousins. I believe it all worked out in the end, and most importantly, there were no socks involved.

    Third: Donald referred to your feet, and also posted something along the lines of us having the same type of foot. I like to refer to having “MacGregor Toes”, which does produce a longer, leaner foot silhouette. It’s not always easy to buy awesome shoes that fit my “regal” sized feet, but the hunt is worth it.

    Fourth: I love those shoes. I love open shoes/sandals. Back in Southern California, I wore sandals for 10 out of the 12 months. When we moved to NYC, I had to alter my shoe situation. Firstly because there is such a thing as “snow” in this city, and secondly because I can’t stand walking through what I like to call “mystery moisture” on the streets with open toes.


  5. YAY, you posted the pic of my Dad!!! I’m so happy, because when I went to email it to you, I couldn’t find it in any of my photo folders. I was getting really frustrated. Now, I just copied it off your page, and all is right with my world once again.

    For such a good dresser, that was a serious fashion low for him. Fail.

  6. Beeeeeooootiful sandals.

    And I hope someone kept that FABULOUS formica dining table in the background. I’m typing at a vintage table myself but it falls short of the unsurpassed kitsch of that one.

    • Judging from the age of my brother, I believe this photo was taken sometime around 1966. I remember a table like this in the early ’70s, but it has long since disappeared.

      I’m pretty sure it was something they bought to furnish the place quickly and cheaply when they first got to the US. Who knew it would one day be in demand.

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