Day 4 of the Shoe Challenge – Black is Always Back

There are black shoes in my cupboard – lots and lots and lots of them. So, I am afraid that this is the first pair of many.  These Prada pumps are over 10 years old and a bit battle scarred – I love them,  the discreet little platform and oblong heels.

I used to think that black shoes were a necessary evil. The joys of colour beckoned me during long years while I was stuck in my regulation matt black school shoes. However, I have recently had a bit of an epiphany in the area of black shoes.IMG_0169

Today  Rebecca Twigley appeared in the Daily Telegraph newspaper modelling a replica of the mini-dress that Jean Shrimpton scandalised Flemington racegoers with 44 years ago. The mini skirt has, in my opinion, always been a tyrannical and divisive trend. Either you have the legs for a mini skirt one or you do not. There is one trend which remains constant, the simple black pump. You may not want to wear black shoes all the time, but no wardrobe is complete without them. Men and women should both own a number of pairs of black shoes. It is to quote Linda O’Keeffe in her lovely wee book Shoes (Workman Books 1996) The Little Black Dress of shoes.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of the Shoe Challenge – Black is Always Back

    • Pointy toes do not appeal to me either Angela. There are two pairs of ridicuously high heeled pointy toed stilettoes in my collection – from the Eighties. After that, not so many. A pointy shoe has an uphill battle to win me over, I prefer gentle curves.

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