Guest Shoe of the Week – Angela’s Thongs

No offence to my adopted home and country people,  but Australians talk funny.  It is not that the Australian accent is funny in itself, it is actually quite charming.  I am still puzzled by the strange colloquialisms and abbreviations despite having lived here for nearly ten years. In particular I am confused  by the inability of the Australian press to refer to a person by their full name (Ex- Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins is commonly referred to as Hawko by the newspapers here, and bin men are called Garbos for example).

My most surreal Candide-esque moment to date in Australia was overhearing the following conversation:

“Yeah, thongs are for the beach and the weekend.  I would never wear thongs to work, that is just plain wrong”.

Now, ladies and gentleman, If you are from the United Kingdom a thong looks like this. Luckily for me Angela (@AngelaPJ on Twitter) despite being half Scottish, has enough Australian blood to ensure that this blog stays PG.


ThongsMy relationship with shoes has always been casual. I currently don’t own a pair of high heels. I did have some nice shoes in my younger years, then I had kids. My feet grew two sizes over three pregnancies.  Two sizes! My nice shoes don’t fit anymore and tragically, neither do my Doc Marten boots.

Now I’m a work at home Mum who rarely goes out, it’s all about thongs, flip flops, double pluggers.

I thought I had three pairs but after a dig around, it turns out I have six.

I have three pairs of Havaianas. I love them so. They are the most comfy thongs ever. A young hip friend told me I MUST buy a pair. At $25 a pair I was outraged. For a pair of thongs? You must be kidding. After umming and ahhing for a few weeks, I decided I needed a bit of hipness in my life and $25 is a small price to pay really.

I adored them instantly and wanted more. They come in hundreds of colours/patterns. A pair for any occasion.

I currently have my original white pair with a little Aussie flag on the strap, purple with white writing and black with silver writing.

For special occasions I have my gold Giselles.

I can match a pair to any outfit. Except it’s usually a case of whichever pair I can find 2 of, in the mad dash to get out the front door in the morning. Mr. 2 in particular, likes to wear them around the house, never a matching pair, so I find them hidden in all sorts of places. A daily treasure hunt.

Now to decide which colour to put on my Christmas wish list. Blue? Red? Both?

6 thoughts on “Guest Shoe of the Week – Angela’s Thongs

  1. Here in the US, the two terms (thongs and flip-flops) are used interchangeably, although in Southern Cal, it’s mostly flip-flops. In Hawaii, they’re “slippahs” (slippers).

    Of course there’s always the OTHER thong (as depicted in my sweet cousin’s post), but contextually you can usually tell the difference in conversation (we all know which thong goes on your arse and which one goes on your feet, unless you’re coming home from a frat party).

    A greater question I pose to all though, is this: how the hell did “boy shorts” get THEIR name?

  2. I thought that “boy shorts” were called “boy leg shorts” presumably because the fit is more comfortable than say, oh, the Other Thong?

  3. I have a confession to make: while I like Aussie Thongs in principle (what’s not to like? Especially when AngelaPJ describes them so joyfully), I can’t stand the noise they make when worn on carpet. It drives me crazy.

    Summer, for me, is hell.

  4. Ohh I got to get my thongs out this weekend – sunshine finally! But I am still the sad old soul who frowns at paying $10 for a pair, so alas, no havianas for me. Are they really worth it, because I wear my thongs to the ground – literally. I wear them until the sole and the top bit get so thin they break – and then I keep them in my shoe box, just to piss me off every time I go looking for thongs (but that is probably a story more for my therapist!).

    Love your story Ang (aswell as the thong models!), and I love the guest posts – its so interesting taking a peak into all these shoe wardrobes!

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