Day 3 of the Shoe Challenge – the Wolf Shoes

Women in Japan have tiny little feet. If you want to know how the Brobdingnags felt meeting Gulliver, shopping for shoes in Japan is for you. Nothing fits.  That said the two hour rummage for shoes in the Ginza was a joy. It  lead me to these shboots by Parcours Paris.  After two days of blisters, bee stings and bleeding toes I just wanted the footwear equivalent of having a dog sleeping on my feet.  Noisy Boy calls these my wolf shoes. They are a reminder of the best holiday that I ever had.IMG_0134

7 thoughts on “Day 3 of the Shoe Challenge – the Wolf Shoes

  1. In my early twenties, I lived in Japan for two years. I was a skinny little thing then but by the end, I was shopping for clothes from the LL Bean catalogue, such was my despair. With my clown feet, I didn’t dare go near a shoe shop.

    However, I *did* once buy a tshirt that said “RELAX BODY: we are all prostitutes!”.

    But it is nowhere near as cool as those shoes.

    Bring on shoe #4!

  2. Ooh, I am envious of you having had a holiday in Japan (and even more envious of NDM having LIVED in Japan for 2 years). It is on my wish list of countries to visit. Must. Go. Soon.

    Nice shoes, by the way. They don’t llok like the equivalent of a dog sleeping on your feet, they look mega stylish!

  3. The NDM has many mysterious tales to tell, this is why she guards her anonymity so carefully. She was, in fact, a high class call girl in Japan, hence the T-Shirt. If this got out the tabloids would have a field day.

    As for me, I managed only 7 days. My dad was teaching architecture at the hilariously named T.I.T (Tokyo Institute of Technology). HWC and I had an open invitation to sleep on his floor in his student flat. In the morning, you could see Mount Fuji from the balcony through the mist. Everything about Japan surprised and delighted me. I particularly loved the vending machines selling hot Nescafe coffee in cans.

  4. There’s not much you can’t buy in a vending machine in Japan. There was a beer vending machine at the bottom of my apartment’s stairs. And I have seen, with my own eyes, used school girl’s undies in another vending machine (not at the bottom of my stairs).

    If you go to the tabloids with that high-class hooker story, you’re going to hear from my legal team. Hey, wait! You are my legal team…

  5. oh good grief – used schoolgirls undies – no – wait – nothing surprises me about japan – weird anime, killing whales and drawer beds in hotel- they certainly have kooky down as a country – sailor moon anyone? – kind of cool if you ignore the killing whales…anyway shoes rock and i want to go to japan *envy*

  6. Sorry I am a few years late with this tale.
    I went to Japan for 28 days in 1981. My first trip overseas. I loved the place and could honestly have stayed.
    Kyoto seemed to have all that makes up Japan in the one spot. Just love the history, the people and the castles!

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