Day Two of The Shoe Challenge – Cut Out Pradas

IMG_0085Day 1.  Feedback

Overwhelming praise from the wee lady in the coffee shop who told me that I looked ‘sexy’.  (Bearing in mind that I normally go in there with the Minx wearing yoga pants and a singlet, I think this was positive reinforcement rather than an overture). Our graduate lawyer (who plays football and does boy things) was completely perplexed by the fact that there were cherries in the heels. Results generally positive. The combined effect of a warm Sydney day plus cherry shoes on bare feet action brought up some blisters.

Day 2 –  Feet Rebel

Due to the bee sting deciding to throb on and off through the night I slept as well as a baby in a barbed wire hammock. The thought of  dressing in anything complex today was too much to bear. Consequently, I am wearing a frock and the last pair of Prada shoes I ever bought.  You will notice that my feet are not in them.  I would not inflict these on you today.

8 thoughts on “Day Two of The Shoe Challenge – Cut Out Pradas

    • Bugger the botox – I probably need plastic surgery 🙂 All the years of yoga & toe spreading have made my feet unwilling accomplices in this Challenge.

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