Day 1 – The Challenge

IMG_0082_2Last week I was drawn into a conversation about  shoes, much against my will, with my boss. She was both horrified and amused to discover that I have rather a lot (around 100 pairs including sandshoes which do not count). Being an elegant Italian she takes the less is more approach to accessories, provided that the less is Gucci of course. However, in the interests of science she has set me the task of wearing a different pair of shoes every day to work until I have exhausted all possible options.

Today is day one of the shoe challenge.  Outside conditions are good (fine dry spring day) but I am slightly injured. Yesterday while running barefoot on the grass with the Minx I stepped on a bee.  Now I have two big toes on my right foot.  However, the red lump will go quite nicely with my plan which is the Russell & Bromley cherry heeled mules. My pal CI talked me into buying these one warm Edinburgh day. He suggested strenuously that I should buy the bag that went with it.  To my regret, I did not and yes, I am sorry now.

7 thoughts on “Day 1 – The Challenge

  1. Wow, great challenge!

    My biggest decision every morning is whether to wear my black, white or purple thongs. The joys of working from home : )

  2. brilliant idea 🙂 and the shoes are great 🙂 🙂 so pretty 🙂
    – am currently in shoe-delemma (oh god I can’t spell) Have an ‘evening dress’ wedding coming up, and a lovely dress to wear (knee length), but do I buy a pair of those new satiny-brocade converse or other sandshoes, or nice sandals which i probably won’t wear again….?
    love the idea though – will be following closely – hope bee stung toes improve quickly

  3. As I’m wearing all black today, I went with the black with the silver writing on them.
    The fact that they were the only pair in the shoe rack certainly helped me to make my decision.

    I’m loving those cherry shoes btw!

  4. Love the shoe challenge. And am very impressed by the shoes as well. Looking forward to seeing where the challenge takes you, especially when you get down to the more impractical and frivolous end of your collection.

  5. Love it… well I basically do the same thing anyway! I might finally give in to my friends and post pics of my gorgeous collection.

    Re frivolity, I would recommend if your shoe-whimsy should take you places like red peep toes with bows (as mine does), make them something like Florsheim. Like walking on deliciously pretty clouds.

    If you’ve kept a lot from the early 80s I will enjoy following this challenge immensely… I am imagining a big client meeting in a pair of lace-up cork platforms or something!

    • I would love you to continue the challenge 🙂 Not sure how much I have from the 80s other than a pair of thigh high black pirate boots. Those babies will be hard to carry off in a law office, but I will give it a try.

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