Guest Shoe of the Week “My name is April and I’m a Converse-a-holic”

Ah, Facebook but for you how else would I know how  to compare myself to a summers day, film, 60s band or piece of corporeal property?  According to the What Type of Shoes Defines You Quiz I am a pair of Chuck Taylors –  comfortable in my own skin, down to earth, friend to all etc. My once glamorous self has  been in a bit of huff  since taking this quiz.  Then I read this guest blog post by April, author of the Life Slightly Used blog and I cheered up quite a bit.


A question I ask myself is – at what point am I just going to grow up…?

This is asked on a daily basis as I look through my clothing and in particular my shoe collection.  I swear I have not one pair of shoes that would be deemed suitable for a mother of two in the Eastern Suburbs of anywhere. I have knee high boots, Doc Martens and my addiction, Converse runners.

Now before you start to lecture me on the ethics of sweat shops – I know they are bad, I know that most of the clothes I dress my children in come from these place – hey, I have very little money, but, sometimes I can fool myself into thinking this obsession is actually helping developing nations – but truth be told I fell in love with Converse runners long before I knew what a sweat shop was.

I have my everyday, black and white Cons, my going out all black Cons, my going to the doctor or dentist or place I don’t really think will be good blue and bronze ones ( I have very strong clothes/place memories – ask me where I was when something special happened and I’ll be able to tell you what I wore – anyone else like this? or am Isome freak of clothing nature?) and my extra super special only worn once purple ones and the too special not worn yet black and white Nirvana lyrics ones.

I love them all, treasure them in the same way that other women reserve for their ‘Jimmy Choos’ (I think that’s what they are called), keep them in their boxes and seek them out on eBay and in the alleyways of Melbourne (there is a particularly good discount shop just off Collins Street).  I am currently on the hunt for a knee high or a tartan pair…

My dilemma is this – at what age will I be too old to wear them? At what age will mixing colours start to look silly (I love the purple with black combo)?

As far as I can see this is a passion that will not fade to be replaced by the sensible slip on heel, or the eternally easier to remove for dance and acting rehearsal Birkenstocks.

I love them, and they are part of me. They show my personality better than anything else I own…so here they are.

Converse Circle

“My name is april and I’m a converse-a-holic”

6 thoughts on “Guest Shoe of the Week “My name is April and I’m a Converse-a-holic”

  1. Great post, April. I like the photo especially because it’s like the Heaven’s Gate cult have just been airlifted to heaven, leaving nothing behind but their shoes.

    I don’t think you can ever be too old for shoes that you love – especially such practical good-looking ones. You will be the coolest great-grandmother east of Flinders Street.

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  3. Great post! I love Converse too, although I’m still on my first pair. I think I had the idea that I should wear out that pair before buying another (huh?). Reading your post has helped me re-evaluate that idea…. And where’s the discount place off Collins Street???

    (I also have the clothes/place memory thing: ‘oh, yeah, I wore the red jumper and the jeans, that means we went to dinner at such-and-such a place…’)

    And I don’t think you can ever be too old for Converse….(at least I hope not).

  4. Glee ! Doesn’t it amaze people?(the clothes/memory thing – particulary (ahem) guys?) – If stand at the entry to Australia on Collins and look across the road there is an arcade with a pen shop on the corner – go through there and just before the steps into the open laneway at the opposite end the shop is on left hand side (great bargains 🙂 ) (next to a birkenstock shop incidentally)

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