Shoe of the Week

Everybody loves them

Loved by all...

The Caveat Calcei Inaugural Shoe of the Week Award goes to: my Amanda Starr Purple Mock Snakeskin Boots (circa 2003)

Once in a while I have encountered footwear that so  cheers my soul that I am convinced that they have magical qualities.

About 7 years ago one soft spring lunchtime, my friend Kaaren dragged me out of the office, hailed a taxi and bundled me off to a terraced house in North Sydney. The Possum Man had got there first as had an assortment of women who were fidgeting on the doorstep. Inside I encountered a range of brightly coloured boots, shoes & handbags that were bouncing with personality.   It was a toss up between a pair of silver boots and the boots pictured. No prizes for guessing which won

The next day in Hyde Park, a homeless man propped himself up from supine to his elbow as I strolled past. ‘Those” he said to me “are some sexy boots“.

5 thoughts on “Shoe of the Week

  1. I love those boots! I have never felt completely comfortable wearing shoes with heels that high, as I feel I reach Amazonian stature too quickly. I would love to say F it, and wear 4″ heels, but then I’d be topping the charts at 6’2″, not exactly dainty. I have always envied women with the ability to strut their stuff in boots like that. These are really awesome, and they are just the boot to wear on a grey day! Most important, however, is the “Those are some sexy boots” comment. Anytime you get a shout out from a homeless guy, well, that’s a day to remember. And all it took was some kick ass purple boots! Well done!

  2. Hi Moira – I totally understand – I used to wear heels quite a lot (to the point it would hurt if I ever tried to wear flats), but when I met my husband, I got Nicole Kidman/Tom Cruise syndrome and hated being taller than him. He didn’t/doesn’t have a problem with it but at the start I felt like a great big heffalump alongside him!

    I don’t mind so much now, and if I really fall in love with a pair of heels I will buy them and wear them, but my taste (and balancing skills) now tend toward a mid-range heel.

    And of course, being a stay at home mum, the opportunities to wear any form of heels is practically none!

    Love the purple boots though – I saw a pair of purple boots at the shops while hunting for a tan pair and was tempted, but my wardrobe options just didn’t seem to be compatible with purple – now red, and i would have brought them immediately!

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