Personally I Blame the Snail

In life there are doors that open, doors that close in your face and doors you ignore completely.

On Ignored Doors


What do I have in common with Gerard Butler, Gerry Rafferty, Kelly Marie, Trevor Sorbie, Tom Conti, John Byrne and David Tennant?


We are all from Paisley, Scotland.

According to Famous Paisley People, Gerard Butler studied law at the University of Glasgow at roughly the same time as me.  This may be spin doctoring as I don’t remember him at all and let’s face it, and how could I have missed him? He is tall, dark, handsome and really famous which usually comes hand in hand with plenty of chuztpah. It could be that I just didn’t notice, as I was besotted with someone my dad calls Airdrie Fats at the time.

Blinkers on. Door ignored. I like to flatter myself that this is just as well for my tall handsome husband, the Minx and the Noisy Boy.

On Closed Doors

Sometimes, even if you keep opening a door, it will spring shut on you until you get the hint or a nosebleed (whichever event occurs earlier).

If you are a lawyer, you’ll know all about Donoghue v Stevenson and if you are not, you could care less. Either way have a read at this article by Martin Taylor QC. It is entertaining, has pictures and will explain the snail reference.

May Donoghue was a wee Paisley woman who didn’t have five pounds to her name and yet she took a huge case to the House of Lords. Her case is the root cause of virtually every personal injury action raised in courts today. May strikes me as a pretty gutsy lady and inspired by her epic legal battle, I became a civil court lawyer.  I thought I would be a natural as I am both argumentative and persistent.  A sadistic judge at Glasgow Sheriff Court had other ideas. KM slammed the door in my face repeatedly until I turned to drink, gave up litigation in despair and switched to lecturing law instead. Door closed.

On Doors that Open

Now and again, on a spring day like today with the smell of jasmine in the air, I might look at the world from a different angle.  From that angle, I might notice a small door that I’ve walked past a hundred times.  If I’m still writing here next week, this blog may well be one of those doors.

14 thoughts on “Personally I Blame the Snail

    • You are like my shining light of Blogs, the beacon in the night. Actually, you are most like the Lady with the Vomit bucket but that’s good too.

  1. I totally agree with NDM, great start! I do have one question for you. HOW THE F*&^ did you manage to miss Gerard Butler? How? HOW!!!??

    Ah well, as you said, all the better for hubby 🙂

    I reckon this is a door to keep open as well…

  2. Congratulations on your blog! And a wonderful first post – I for one hope that this blog door is always open and never shuts and I look forward to seeing whats inside for many posts to come!

    I am feeling very left out that I don’t know any of the famous people above – is it because I am not Scottish, or because I have no life. I am going with option B.

    Have bookmarked this site as a favourite so the pressure is on my dear friend 🙂

    • Pressure? We are mothers. We laugh in the face of pressure. We embrace the challenge. We go to the laundry, stick our headphones on & drink alcohol Or is that just me…

      • Oh no – not just you – I also like motherhood when it is served with a nice chilled white in summer, or a long fruity red in winter. It’s just far too hard to be a parent without the nourishing goodness of the fermented grape. And pressure, what pressure is there to do anything after a glass or three??

  3. Congratulations! And welcome to the blogverse…. I look forward to reading more of these wonderful posts (no pressure!).

    And thanks for sharing Paisley’s famous people with the world! Can I just say that one of my lame claims to fame is that David Tennant went to my school, and his big sister went out with one of my friends! I also did guitar lessons in the house next door to Tom Conti. How cool am I?

    • You are by far the coolest lawyer that possibly ever came out of Paisley. I did want to include you but thought that I’d better get a Release first xxx

      • I dunno, I think that if I was really cool I would have more interesting shoes in my wardrobe! I will keep reading your blog so that my shoe horizons continue to expand!

  4. Bravo! A wonderful story, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    Sadly, I think my legal career has had more to do with the worm in the Tequila bottle, than with Mrs Donoghue’s snail.

    In a tragedy of Pavlovian proportions, for me, the scent of spring Jasmine always evokes the horror of cramming for law school exams. But I love the sentiment. Keep opening those doors.

    • In Scotland law exams were always timed to coincide to follow with the only warm fortnight in the year. Someone up there was trying to tell us something, Miles. Practising law is a kind of Faustian pact isn’t it? It helps us pay the bills, but it takes energy and focus away from something else we should be doing instead. Talking of which – it’s your turn next, Photo Blog!

    • That’s very kind of you to say. I think I read it, re-read it, edited it down to 250 words and back until I drove myself mental. Finally, I took on board what you said. It’s a journey and we all have to start somewhere.

  5. I really enjoyed reading your debut blog! Very subtle and winsome in nature, with a hint of introspection. Makes me think about all the doors I’ve come across, both open and closed, as I’ve taken my stroll through life. I like to think about all the doors still left to open, can’t wait to take a peek inside and decide whether or not I want to go in or choose the next one. In fact, as I write this, Chris and I are discussing several options as to where our next door will take us. I do love that about life, it really is one big adventure, waiting to be taken. Can’t wait to see where that adventure goes!

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